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Discuss the relevant market influences on the chosen company

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The market influence for the company has been highly competitive. The company uses has been granted with "Method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item on Internet discussion boards" patent after Amazon was faced with controversial allegation against the 1-Click patent (Friedman, 2004). The company’s Canadian site was originated in United States. With an agreement with Canada Post the distribution of books to Canadian customers was to be dealt. Amazon.

ca was launched and the sites was in French and English language however their operations were criticized as being illegal. Since foreign owned bookseller are legally restricted in Canada. However Amazon has been able to keep its sales and demand of products a boost because of the need of consumers which are being uniquely fulfilled by Amazon. com. The third party sellers are also an influential source for the company. Associates are given access to Amazon catalog by directly making use of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) XML service (Marcus, 2004).

This again aids Amazon compete in the market as this opens opportunities for attracting users. The competition makes Amazon to venture out into new and unique ideas and facilitate the users more and more to make easy search for their desired products. For example the content search box aid the users to type n the desired keywords and ease their search into being more specific and time saving. Users have the review section to leave their review on their experience with Amazon.This also influences the company to make improvements.

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Discuss the relevant market influences on the chosen company essay

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