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Describe How Your Two Chosen Businesses

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When an employer wants to be working for the company they would be assigned to the department which they are a specialist l, so for example they could get assigned to the it and admit department because they are really good at the cit side of the business. Functional Areas Finance and Accounts Human Resources- The human resources Is the people who are working for the business, also the human resource management would be concerned about how these people are being managed.

Now the term human resource management has now come to the mint where It now means more than this because there are now people that are different from other resources that work for an organization. Also there are people that have feeling and have thoughts, needs and aspirations. Now the term HARM has now come to be referred to an approach and it also takes into account for both. Customer Services- The customer service of any business is something that is going to lead to the success of your business. F a business is unable to get customers to buy products from your store and shop from there then your business will not be around for long ND it would get shut down and so it's important for the business to make sure that they are getting customer's shopping for products from their store and that they are getting good feedback from their customers. Also It Is Important for the business to have a excellent customer service because If the business has got a good customer service then It will enable the business to get new customers to shop at their store and to keep their current customers as well.

Give out good information about the products that they are selling. Also the business should make an improvement to the Image of the business and the reputation of the business so that it can attract more customers and they should also expand on their sales and the amount of money that they business is making. In a business there are also two deferent types of customers which are internal customers and external customers.

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External customers come in two parts where we have other businesses for example where we would have a business selling something to another business and we also have consumers which re like you, now Internal customers are people who are working for the business. Now when customers are shopping from your shop hey would expect the following: a quick polite response for any problems or any queries that they may have, a very clear and a honest piece of Information for their customers, a lot of attentions and a lot of care whilst shopping for goods in your shop and a good value.

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