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Discrimination in US Security

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Is there systematic discrimination in government and private security organization? Discrimination is the biasness based on color, religion, race, age, sexual orientation, national origin and gender. There is systematic discrimination in government and private security organization especially among blacks and other minorities like the Muslims. Muslims and blacks according to government and private organization are perceived to be more capable of committing crime as opposed to people from other races.

For example in 2001 after the September 11 hijackings an airport security firm in Washington was under fire for hiring seven Muslims women who were screeners. This was because among the seven women five were from Sudan which has been blacklisted by the U. S. government and private security organization, one was from Egypt and the other from Afghanistan which has been believed for years to be the hideout for Osama who the US government believe to be responsible for the 1998 bombing attack and 2001 and therefore is their enemy number one. Is racial profiling ever appropriate?

Racial profiling is the act of using a person’s race or his characteristics of his ethnic background to determine his capability in committing a specific crime. It is inappropriate especially in matters of security as it allows crime to mushroom in certain races as the policemen tend to divert their attention to one particular race for example in airports, the screeners tend to scrutinize people from middle east origin and Asian origin more than the way they do it for the American citizens and European nationals. Also the United States policemen have been on several occasion accused of racial profiling the African Americans.

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In that when crime has been committed in a particular neighborhood, the first suspect is always an African American. Although racial profiling is only appropriate when the physical traits of the suspect has been given out for example hair color, body weight, complexion. This is the only circumstance that the policemen are allowed to racial profile because racial profiling always leads to injustice in the community in various occasions and the innocent ones are the ones who are always caught. (http//www. amnestyusa. org/racialprofiling/sevenfacts. html) Do you believe it is justifiable to take such actions to protect US national’s security?

It is justifiable for US government to take such actions to protect US national security because it is a superpower country in world and as one she is the main target for terrorists as they want to bring it down because it is the only country that is brave enough to question the their action. The US government is allowed to discriminate in security organization and to racial profile because most of the terrorists like Osama are from Muslim origin and one fact that we know is that Muslims are very brave they can do anything and this is why we have suicide bombers.

Also in US majoring of the criminals are blacks because most of them do it to revenge on the misery they have gone through and discrimination. Most of them are illiterate as a result they can’t get a decent job and as a result the only option they have is to commit crime because even the music industry in US is flooded as we can not have everyone in the music industry. As a result the US government does all this to maintain peace and harmony in order to make united state a favorable and suitable environment for people to stay in and to work in. (http//www. amnestyusa. org/racialprofiling/sevenfacts. html)


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Discrimination in US Security essay

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