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Different Education Between U.S and China

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Today my topic is the differences of family education between China and U. S There are many differences between the Chinese and the American education,such as attitude towards independence,the cultivation of interest,the cultivation of creativity and so on.

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Different Education Between U.S and China

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. So now I emphasize the attitude towards independence. In America,most American parents think that the child is an independent individual since he is born, who has his own willing and characteristic.In order to let the children recognize that they are the masters of themselves, American parents will give their children enough freedom and will not make decisions for them in most cases.

American parents willing to respect and understand their children’s feelings, thus, they always think carefully about their words and choose the appropriate time to educate their children. And in some Chinese families,They restrict their children strongly. They can't bear that their children didn't obey them. They require children do as their orders. Even worse,in order to control children ,they will check their cellphones and dairy.In America, most American parents emphasize more to train their children’s ability of independence once they are born. They generally believe that children’s growth must rely on their own experiences,which comes from the training in the early age.

Parents encourage their children to work in their free time. The phenomenon of elder students working in society can be seen here and there,and even the primary and middle school students doing part-time job. However,Chinese parents produce a great impact on children's future. When a baby born in a Chinese family ,his parents often design a future for him,no matter the child likes it or not.In order to make their children have a good performance in study, become outstanding, or even become a famous person in the future, they would not let children do anything except studying. So in China, we can find the following scences easily:Parents take their children to various kinds of lessons after school. Children would be punished if they didn't get a good mark.

As for the children’s independence and their abilities adapting to the society in the future, they consider little or not at all. What is said above is my presentation today

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