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Differences Between Secondary School and College Life

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Differences between secondary school and college life This is our first week of college life . We feel that college life turned out to be like what we expected before we enrolled . One of the reason is because of the environment in our college is not that stressful and have a enjoyable environment for studies . The rules and regulation in our college is not that strict since we can wear homewear to attend classes rather than school uniform . Besides that , we are more exposed to new things so that we can learn and gain experience to make our life more meaningful .

Since this is our first semester , so we get to know more friends from other states . Furthermore , the lecturers are more approachable and their teaching method are more fun and lively . One of the experiences that we are experiencing now is that we learn to manage our time to be more systematic so that we won’t be late for classes . We are also training ourselves to be more discipline because there are too many distraction like clubbing , shopping or gaming . From this distraction , we must learn to restrict ourselves so that it won’t affect our studies .

The difference between secondary school and college life that we are experiencing now is we have to seek for our own notes for every subject and not depending on the lecturer to get us notes during the class . We have to be more confident to speak out our opinions and thoughts so that we won’t following blindly . We also learn how to coorperate and communicate with others efficiently so that we can achieve our goals or to complete the task . Other than that , the technologies in college is more advance compared to secondary school .

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As an example , we can get the information through the internet everytime and everywhere . We can also pass our assignment through email , communicate with lecturer through online . It is so much convenient and efficient compared to secondary school . One of the biggest changes between secondary school and college is attendance . In secondary school , we will penalized for missing class but in college it will affect our credit hours and this credit hours will affect us from taking exam or test . The class sizes in college is slightly smaller than secondary school .

This way can increase the interaction between the student and lecturer , The facilitates in college is much better like larger library , computer lab , lift and classes with air-conditioner . One of the best thing in college is that we can choose the subject or courses that we like rather than forcing ourselves to study the subject that we dislike during secondary school . Student in college are more mature . This is because they are meet with different types of peoples , country and also culture . So , we should adapt to the changes and enjoy our college life .

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