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Delicious Milk Substitutes

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It's normal for someone who doesn't have much information on it to say that milk is only produced by cows. Groceries have boxes of the dairy product on their shelves, and shoppers buy it most of the time. In truth, there are other sources of the white and tasty liquid. Because of people's taste preferences and health needs, such came to be. A lot of consumers claim that they're as good as or even better than that coming from a bovine.

There are other animal sources of the beverage like goats, sheep, and water buffalos. Plants are also ground and mixed with ingredients to create the drink. Due to health reasons and lifestyle choices, there are many milk substitutes on the market. The dairy-free replacements have even become global.

Those with lactose intolerance can enjoy drinking another version of the liquid refreshment. It's likewise the same for individuals with specific allergies. Even vegans and individuals who are losing weight can get their fill of a sweet and creamy drink. The variants of cattle milk cater to all types of consumers because of their components. For people who would like to know more about the products that can substitute milk, the descriptions are presented below.

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1. Almond Milk

It has a bit of sweetness and a nutty taste, which many find appealing. Some, especially those used to cow's milk, consider it bland. It doesn't have a strong taste since it comes from crushed nuts. In addition, usually, there's also plenty of water in the unsweetened mix. But there are kinds, which have a distinct, sweet flavor. Their sugariness might be due to the high sugar or almond butter content. There are also fortified types that have a richer taste too.

Fitness experts recommend it because it's rich in vitamins A and D plus Calcium. Thus, it's good for the immune system and bones. Compared to others, it has the least amount of fat and calories, which let people gain weight. But its downside is that it has low protein so it might not be great for bodybuilders who need it to build muscles. Likewise, it's not for people who have allergies to nuts.

2. Coconut Milk

It's so aromatic that anyone drinking it knows it's from the coconut fruit. It has a nutty flavor and slight viscosity. A person may feel a thickness on the palate and throat when consuming it but at least it isn't sticky.

Those for drinking are in cartons. They contain water and liquid from grated coconut. People use canned products that have coconut for cooking. Many often confuse one for the other.

The drink has fewer calories and fats and is free of lactose. There are also only rare cases where individuals become allergic to it. But doctors point out that they're rich in potassium and fiber. This means that it's good for a person's cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health.

3. Rice Milk

This is another organic type of liquid refreshment that has a peculiar taste. Some people report that it has an earthy flavor and that its aftertaste is somewhat wheaty. It's also watery since it's made through the milling of rice.

Many vegans and parents buy it due to the nutritional value. It's free of gluten and lactose and has no known strong allergens. Furthermore, it contains more carbohydrates than other cattle milk alternatives. But it does have less protein and calcium, which people do not like. In spite of that, enriched versions are accessible holding more nutrients.

This may be great for individuals who have nut allergies and intolerance to lactose. But authorities discourage giving them to children and those who have diabetis. The young need protein to grow up and be strong while those with diabetes need to control their intake of carbs.

4. Soy Milk

Made from ground soya beans soaked in water, it's a thick drink that isn't that sweet. Even so, many favor it. The smell and taste of soy are identifiable, and its consistency may match that of cow's milk.

It's available in almost all grocery stores since a large group drinks it. Because of its high protein content, such milk attracts bodybuilders. Parents also buy it to supply their kids with a beverage that could let them grow and be strong.

Fortified soy milk has lots of protein, reduced sugar, less fat, and high calcium. It even has no cholesterol too. Yet doctors advise purchasers to limit the soy products that they consume. There's the possibility that it may increase a person's uric acid. Aside from that, drinking a large amount of it might be dangerous as it has isoflavones. They're compounds, which scientists state are the cause of various health problems.

5. Hemp Milk

Drinkers report that hemp beverage is creamy and has a nutty savor much like almond milk. To create it, a person needs to mix some raw seeds and water via blender. But, to achieve a flavorful concoction, it is necessary to add syrup, salt, or sweet extracts. Yet nowadays people buy it from the stores instead, to get fortified drinks and save time on preparing the drink.

It comes from Cannabis Sativa but consuming the milk won't get someone high. The raw seeds are non-psychoactive. In fact, many consider it a great beverage because of the B and D vitamins as well as magnesium that it contains. Likewise, it has omega-3 fatty acids. Given such, the drink can help in anemia prevention and calcium maintenance. It's also good for lowering an individual's risk of having heart disease.


None can say that one of the milk substitutes mentioned above is the absolute best for everyone because of their savor and composition. It's up to the drinker to decide what is more delectable for his or her unique taste. But it pays to read about the different kinds to know the pros and cons of each. Besides, some can't take lactose, have allergies, and need to be fit.

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