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Cyber Language Research Script

Essay Topic:

Now I am going to introduce the cyber language which is used by foreigners.English cyber language usually comes from online games, video games and general pop cultural, like movie, youtube video clips, and so on.People usually take the first alphabet of the words in a phrase and combine them into a new word.

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And these are some of the examples of acronym. They are commonly use all over the world. I think these examples you all may be familiar with, so now I am going to introduce some not so familiar examples. LOL is obviously a example of acronym, which is a short form of laughing out loud.

People take each word’s first alphabet to create LOL. And for ‘he’s 404’ means he is clueless. This word includes coinage and ideogram. For coinage, usually when a web page cannot be found, then the internet will pop up a 404 web page to inform you. Therefore when we cannot find someone, we can call him 404. And for ideogram, people instead of saying directly he’s clueless, they refer to the picture of the web site 404, so it is a ideogram. The next one is ASAIK. ASAIK means ‘as soon as I know’. It is also an example of acronym. It is a short form of the phrase as soon as I know.

And for the next example, it is easy to know what it means. It means see ya. It includes compounding, because it is combined with 2 words, see and ya. And also the letter C is a homophone of the word see. They both pronounce in the same pronunciation. At the same time, it also includes syllabic writing system and rebus writing system. It is a syllabic writing system, because C represents /si:/ to replsce see /si:/ ,so is syllabic writng At last, it includes rebus writing system, because it uses another word with the same sound to replace it.

The word see is replaced by the letter C, and the you is replaced by YA. And at last, this word means night. It includes syllabic writing system, the nine : /nain/ replace nigh /nai/. And it sticks with the letter ‘t’, which is an alphabetic writing system. Also it is same as CYA, it also includes rebus writing system. The sound nigh is replaced by a word which is similar its sound, nine. Emoticons is a pictographic writing. It use different kinds of punctuation to form a facial expression.

This emoticons are usually use in computers, mobile and also other communicating devices and forum. These emoticons can express our feelings even more direct, sometimes it is better than using words to express our feelings. And also these emoticons can help us to save time. For example, if we want to express we are so happy, instead of typing alphabets, we type the punctuations into a smiley face, it would save a lot more time. Type happy, we need to type 5 alphabets, but a smiley face, only needs 2 punctuation, and that’s it.

Therefore it really save time form typing words. Because of the efficiency of emoticons, it is now a trend all over the world, and among all the countries, japan is one of the countries which use emoticons the most. And here are the examples of emoticons. We can see that there are a lot of emoticons to express different kinds emtions. Taiwanese and mainlanders may also miscommunicate throughout a conversation, although they share the same language,Putonghua. The miscommunicate is because of their cultures, each one develop their own kinds of words into their language e. . (1) Taiwanese may use ‘???? ‘ to express you are so annoying. But when the mainlanders saw this, they may misunderstand as you are such a motorbike. It would be a totally different ecplanation. And there is also another e. g. (2)mainlanders may use ‘? ‘ to mean being frightened. But in Taiwan, it reminds people that the post in the forum would disclose a play’s information. So they use the same word, but the meaning of the word ’? ’ means differently to different culture and nation.

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