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Frenemies Script

Cast Bella Thorne – Rose Zendaya – Selena Stefanie Scott – Chloe Mary Mouser- Kimberly/ Brooke Nick Robinson- Jake Murray- Lucky Everyone is at school. Kimberly and Brooke are in Social Studies. Kimberly: “Don’t you think this class is boring? ” Brooke: “No, I like learning about different countries! ” Kimberly: “Whatever.

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” Brittney and her boyfriend are talking and trying to figure out how she’s going to go to a party on Saturday after her mom said no. Brittney: “Babe, can’t we just sneak out? ”

Boyfriend: “Alright, pick you up at 8. ” Brittney: “ Yay, see you later. Rose and Selena are talking about ways they can improve their fashion blog. Rose: “How about … adding pink on everything? ” Selena: “No, that’ll be too much. Oh, how about adding a little bit of geeky flavor? ” Rose: *Talking sarcastic* “Great idea and we can call it smarty pants! ” Selena: “Okay, how about we finish tomorrow? ” Rose: “Alright. See You Later. ” School is over and Jake and his friend Lucky are at home relaxing. Jake: “Hey boy!

How was your day? ” Lucky: “Woof, Woof! ” Jake: “Yes, I did have a good day. Thank you for asking! ” Kimberly and Brooke are at home studying. Brooke: “Don’t you just love Math? ” Kimberly: “Not really, I don’t like it, I hate it! ” Brooke: “Cheer up, it’s only twenty questions. ” Kimberly: “Ugh! I’m bored, let’s call Rose and Selena. ” Brooke: “Alright” The phone rings and Rose and Selena answer. Rose and Selena in unison: “Hello? ” Kimberly: “Hey Rose. ” Brooke: “Hey Selena. ” Rose and Selena in unison: “Hey. ”

Kimberly: “So did you guys figure something out for your blog? ” Rose: “Not really, we can’t think of anything. ” Brooke: “Do you want me to help? ” Selena: “Umm, no thank you! ” The next day, all 7 friends are at school. They are sitting at the lunch table eating. Kimberly: “So Brittney, what are you and your boyfriend going to do since you can’t go to that party? ” Brittney: “We’re going to sneak out and come back before she comes home. ” Brooke: “What if she comes back early? ” Brittney: “Don’t worry, she never comes home early.

So Rose and Selena, are you guys still working on your blog? ” Rose: “Yes, we can’t figure out what to do! ” Selena: “Exactly! ” The bell rings. That means lunch is over. Brittney: “There goes my boyfriend, later guys! ” Rose: “We have to run too! ” Selena: “Yeah. ” Jake: “See you guys later! ” Kimberly: “Bye! Come on Brooke, or we’ll be late. ” Brooke: “Not if we run! ” Kimberly: “Ugh! ” Brooke: “Oh how I love school! ” Rose and Selena are at Rose’s house for their sleepover they have every weekend.

Rose: “We have never been stuck on a situation before. ” Selena: “Yeah! We got to get it together! ” Rose: “Right after this beauty sleep. ” Selena: “Absolutely. ” They both lay down to take their beauty rest until Selena pops up from hers. Selena: “I got it! Rose wake up! I figured it out! ” Rose: *Speaking tiredly* “Figured what out? ” Selena: “Our blog! ” Rose: *Still speaking tiredly* “Yay. ”*Goes back to sleep, then quickly wakes back up and starts talking excitedly* “Wait you Did? ” Selena: “Yeah! ” To Be Continued.