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Crime and Wheel Conspiracy

“Conspiracy is an agreement between or more persons to engaged jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors. ” (Dictionary, 2013) There are three different types of conspiracy that can be present during a criminal situation. The first is called a Wheel Conspiracy, which involves one person as well as a group of people that participate in separate things that are considered illegal where a shared purpose is present between the people in the group.

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Legal, 2013) For example Rudy working for Ron who is one of the biggest bosses in charge of the drug cartel in Miami Florida was asked by Ron if he would confront one of his buyers for money that was owed to him and if the money was not present he was ordered to kill him. Rudy did what he was asked, because Rudy did this he was involved in a wheel conspiracy because he is technically considered the “middle-man”.

He is the one that is doing the crime but there is an agreement between him and Ron who is in charge of the operation and he is protecting Ron by doing his dirty work. Another form of conspiracy is called “Chain Conspiracy”, this is most likely to involve some type of drug transaction and there is a series of people that are involved. (APSU, 2010) For example Eric meets with the distributor Jack to pack up a pound of cocaine and meets with John and Ed to transport it to Ron that has made an agreement with the distributor for it to e sent. If they are caught during this process this would considered a chain conspiracy because you have the distributor that is involved, the person that is packing it and the people that are transporting it all involved in this crime. Another is called “Combination Conspiracy” ” occurs when the hub has very few organizers with multiple objectives and the chains vary substantially in length. ” (Flax, 2005) For example the gang MSU which is located in many areas of the United States have committed many murders.

A local gang member is taken into custody because there were six dead bodies found in NYC. The investigations could not prove as to whole exactly was responsible for these crimes we just knew that MSU was responsible for the crime. This is considered a combination conspiracy because there are too many gang members that are involved and there is no clues or hints that are leading to the leaders of the gang.