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The Inenvention of the Wheel

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The invention of the wheel is the single most important invention in the world. The wheel did not only shape our world in transportation but it helped evolve many inventions. The wheel is estimated to have been invented in 3500 B. C. (Reynolds).

There have been many changes to the wheel that have made it a more advanced invention and changed into newer inventions. The wheel has shaped our world geographically, economically, and culturally. The evolution of transportation became capable with the invention of the wheel.Without the wheel the wagon would never had been invented (Reynolds). The invention of the wagon was the first of many inventions that came from the wheel that helped the transportation of goods for trade (Reynolds). The steam engine train was also another break through of technology from the wheel. The steam engine train made it possible to transport items from a greater distance, faster delivery, and it also made transporting goods for trade less expensive which led to a greater profit for the merchants (“Transportation Revolution”).

With the capability of transporting goods over land quicker the economics of the world turned for the better. With the invention of vehicles people were beginning to be able to see the more of the world. The wheel helped many people see the amazing geography of their surroundings. In 1845 most vehicles had wooden and steel tires (Colvin). Robert Thomas invented the pneumatic tire which gave people and smoother and more enjoyable ride to see the places they wanted to visit (Colvin).The first type of wheel that was being used on vehicles was made of peer rubber, but later John Dunlop improved the solid rubber wheel into an air filled rubber wheel (Colvin). Even in China during 2000 BC wheels were put on chariots to carry kings and emperors around to see their kingdom (“Wheel”).

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Still today vehicles are the main source of getting around quickly. Many people travel the country in RVs to see at that is to see. Even the airplane would not be able to land without a wheel at the bottom.Without the invention for the wheel there would be no other way of getting around on land to see the sites that the world has in store for us. There are many inventions that use the same basic idea as the wheel. The pottery wheel never would have been invented if the wheel was never developed. The pottery wheel is an invention that has simply changed a few things about the wheel to make it work.

The potter’s wheel is estimated to have been invented in 3000 BC and is a very important feature to the culture of nearly every country (Bryant).Pottery is one of the only ways we can tell how the ancient towns had worked. Many archeologists work for weeks if not months to try to dig up ancient pottery so that we can better understand the ancient culture. Pottery is not the only thing that the wheel affected. The wheel also helped the sport of racing become a big part of our culture. On April 23, 1911 the world first of the world’s fastest mile was completed in 25 seconds (Carter). This was the start of many races in the US.

Today without the ever being invented the sport of NASCAR never would have been thought up.Many people in the US enjoy watching this port and have made it a huge part of their life. The wheel is not only a great invention put it has shaped our would in so many different ways. The wheel has not only been changed many times but it has evolved into the greatest invention of man kind. The wheel has helped the world economically, geographically, and culturally for the better. This is why the wheel is considered to by the best invention in the world.Works Cited Bryant, Victor.

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