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Crime Causation and Diversion Paper

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Crime Causation and Diversion Paper University of Phoenix Online Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes CJA/473 LeDetra Jones October 01, 2012 Crime Causation and Diversion Paper Today the public became more concern about youth crime rising within the community. The public also believes that some of juvenile delinquents do not belong behind bars whereas others do. In the concern of the juveniles who do not belong behind bars the public started creating community outreach programs, intervention, and prevention programs.

These programs create an environment for the youth to understand the consequences of their actions, responsibility, and help. This paper will be examining two juvenile diversions, interventions, and prevention programs, which are Island Girl Power and Inafa' Maolek. The following will be addressed in the paper: How do they work to reduce juvenile crime (Based on analysis). Programs major goals, objectives, and core beliefs? Who are the key participants? Services provided?

Which program is most effective at reducing crime and why? How programs reduce juvenile crime and major goal, objectives, and core beliefs The Inafa'Maolek is Guam's only organization that dedicates exclusively to peacemaking, especially in settling disputes such as mediation, restorative justice, and conflict resolution training of all ages (Inafa'Maolek, 2010). The trainings conducted by Inafa'Maolek helps establish peer mediation programs in more than 30 public schools ranging from elementary to high schools.

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These special programs currently in schools include Date Rape Workshops, Bullying Workshops, and Hate Crimes Workshops. The organization provides programs to all sectors in the community, including senior citizens (Manamko) as well as DYA families. The heart and souls of its work focuses on mediating conflicts, many referred by Superior Court Judges (Inafa'Maolek). Island Girl Power is a program on Guam that works to Empower, Encourage, and Inspire young ladies to make positive lifestyle choices. This program believes that if the island works together to empower, ncourage, and inspire the young ladies of Guam to make a positive lifestyle choice by promoting positive male and female role models it helps to prevent the abuse and neglect in the families for generations to come (Blaz, 2009). Island Girl Power is a local program, taken, and expanded from a national program Girl Power. Its prevention program focuses on offering young ladies a variety of classes, activities in hopes of expanding their goals. It is a safe place where people can volunteer at their leisure and is expanding into the community through volunteers and center willing to offer classes (Blas, 2009).

This program is a clubhouse more like and located in Dededo, GU. Their hours of operations are from Monday through Friday 8a. m. -5p. m. , and Saturdays 9a. m. -3p. m. This clubhouse offers many activities such as dancing, self-defense, and big sister club, etc. The reason this club focuses on young ladies is that it helps them to gain self pride, become wiser, and make smarter choices in life. Young ladies are usually self conscious about themselves and rebellious than males. They are more vulnerable to the outside world once they step into it.

While the two organizations/clubs works in many ways of preventing and interventions juvenile delinquency, here are the clubs/organizations major goals, objectives, and core beliefs of what it can provide for the community as well as juveniles. The mission statement for the Inafa'Maolek is a conflict resolution organization dedicated to reducing violence related litigations and foster peace and harmony in schools, Workplaces, and communities (Inafa'Maolek, 2009). The vision statement for the Inafa'Maolek is that it will enhance peacemaking and reduce violence related litigation through advocacy, mediation, and education (Inafa'Maolek, 2009).

The mission statement for the Island Girl power is that we want the girls to know just how special they are here at Island Girl Power! We believe that each girl can create a positive change in her life. If every girl makes it her goal to do her best, how can go wrong? We want to give girls ages seven to 14 a safe and enjoyable place to learn and play (Blas, 2010). By making the girls wiser to the world around them girls will make smarter choices in life- and maybe even help a friend. By accepting all girls, regardless of the income or status, we help bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots (Blas, 2010).

When a girl joins a club it means so much to them, the acceptance, and the pride they feel when they are part of a group is irreplaceable. We as an organization help girls understand the importance of community service by showing them the example of the wonderful people who volunteer to create a place just for them (Blas, 2010). The clubhouse goal is to decrease the incidence of teenage pregnancy, suicide, sexual, and substance abuse. These problems are the most serious challenges facing our girls today. We know that we cannot change the island overnight, but we can make it better -One girl at a time! Blas, 2010). The two organizations help juvenile delinquents/youths in the community to improve themselves to make wiser decisions and to give a sense of direction to where they should be in the future. Knowing that the organizations/clubs are do their best to provide the community with the proper services to help the children to become better helps the people to get over that there are other outlets for their teens. With major goals, objectives, and core beliefs here are the key participants of the programs and the services the programs provide.

The key participants of these programs and services provided The key participants of these programs are teens in intervention, juvenile delinquents, teens in prevention (joining so they do not commit the crime), and teen volunteers. These key participants help the organizations to better understand teens nowadays. Juvenile delinquents in the early days probably have committed more serious crimes than teens today. There was not enough services provided to the teen besides, juvenile correction facilities. The community is very limited on the help needed for their children, and some are forced to look elsewhere that type of help.

Because the key participants are teens whether trouble or just interested in the program, there are services that the programs for them. The services that Inafa'Maolek provides are one, peace theater- where teens perform a situation and how to bring instead of conflict. Second, mediation- where two parties meet privately to work out a solution. Third, restorative justice- RJ sessions provide a context within which people can take responsibility for their actions, restitution are made to victims, offenders are reintegrated, and harmony are restored to a community. Fourth, conflict coaching (Inafa'Maolek, 2009).

These are the main services that this program provides, other services include; volunteering in schools, socializing with other teens, restore the community, and helping others who need help. The services that Island Girl Power provides are encouraging girls on their personalities, social skills, looks, and abilities to please other rather than develop their own interests and aspirations. Island style dance classes so that they can learn about who they are and where they come from. Self-defense classes so that young ladies have that skill to protect themselves or another against harm.

Occasional classes in Gef Pago as well as the big sister service where an older girl will help guide the younger ones. Of the services provided by the two programs the most effective program to reduce juvenile crime would be Inafa'Maolek. Most effective program The reason for this decision is the Inafa'Maolek provides services and outcomes used to for schools and became very popular to teens, the government, other programs. It also provides more services than other treatment programs or organizations on the island. There are no other program that provides these services than Inafa'Maolek.

It has shown that when teens take these sessions it guides them into becoming better person not only them but for his or her families. Conclusion In conclusion, as the community starts to see more troubled teens/delinquents these organizations/programs are ready to fight these behaviors to make them a better person. These programs were created to help the children because they are the future leaders and so forth. By understanding what drives them to commit these crimes is a mystery and why these programs try to bring all teens and their families to help one another.

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