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Consumer Durables and Nondurables

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Analysis The definition of consumer durables and nondurables Consumer durables involve many kinds of products that is purchased by consumers, it is manufactured for long-term use. Such as: car, furniture and so on. But consumer nondurables are opposite. It is expendable goods purchases by consumers for their daily or short-term use. Such as: clothing, shoes and so on. The characteristics of consumer purchase Because of consumer durables has long-term use, and comparing with consumer nondurables, price is higher, so consumer purchase behavior is more cautious.

There are some reasons. First of all, much more selectivity cause consumers are hard to make decision. Secondly, because of there are a lot of different brand, so they will carefully compare the various brands of cost performance, generally, consumer focus on the quality, service, and brand reputation. Finally, consumers can not buy from nearest store, they are willing to go to large scale shopping malls. But consumer nondurable is opposite.

There are some features of consumer nondurables. Because of nondurables goods are short-term use, it can be daily product, such as towels, soap and so on, so consumer is willing to buy those at nearest store. Also, it can be visual product, when consumer decide to buy it, they might be affected by packing and store’s ambience, which means consumer can make decision easily. On the other hand, consumer has less loyalty for brand, they usually change same product with different brand.

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So we can sum up some features about consumer purchase habit, which are easy, fast, impulsive and emotional. Main characteristics of market Consumer durables: For product advertising strategy, company usually focus on product exhibition and display as much as possible, also they must have a large scale warehouse for inventory Consumer nondurables: For advertising strategy, Company is willing to choose outdoor billboards in the down and some crowded place, or promote on the internet. They don’t need large size warehouse for inventory.

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