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Conflict English Essay

ESSAY PLAN CONFLICT – SHOULD I PURCHASE A 1940’S GENUINE MINK FUR COAT OR NOT? Opening para – browsing Ebay, personal dilemma over ethics, state below my personal argue for and against purchase and wear of said coat FOR animal is dead – (dead over 70 yrs), not slaughtered for me, mink farms don’t exist any more, can’t save them now * timeless and classic piece – should be enjoyed so wear it, take care of it, piece of history * cost effective purchase from ebay – have to go abroad to get this item (eastern europe), cost of shipping, worry, uncertainty, purchase not protect like on ebay * it’s recycling – why destroy piece of art, left in dusty warehouse, eat by vermin, so enjoy craftsmanship, coat hand crafted, many hours work * can’t buy something like this today – source abroad for similar * warm and luxurious – eskimos wear real fur, we don’t get that type of weather, feels second to none, quality, depth, finish which is rarely seen nowadays * statement piece – unique, never a coat like this, proud and honoured to wear it, exquisite AGAINST ethically wrong – slaughter for cosmetic is barbaric, educated people shouldn’t wear it * target for activist – eg, tin of paint thrown at a woman * may encourage other to wear real fur – could in increase market interest eg stoles, hats etc, may lead to a ‘black market’ trade * may be smelly – real fur has a certain smell, stinks when wet, rains a lot in UK, wet dog (yuk) * only an occasion piece – not worn daily, kept locked away, no max enjoyment, scared to wear it * conclusion – didn’t buy, would feel uncomfortable in myself, dearly loved to own a piece of history, conscience won’t allow, olden days this garment was common not now, made and worn in an era where there were no animal rights activist, can’t take a life to adorn ourselves, it’s a selfish and barbaric act to wear one. QUESTION GCSE LEVEL (GRADED A*) The web host of a creative writing website approaches you to submit some writing for it. This month’s theme is “Conflict”.

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You have complete freedom in your choice of form, but are asked not to make what you submit longer than 1,000 words. Write your piece for the website. CONFLICT “Should I purchase a 1940’s genuine mink fur coat or not? ” Recently I was browsing ‘eBay’ on the internet looking for a winter coat when I came across the above. I bid for the item and then began a personal dilemma over the ethics of whether or not I should own a coat such as this.

Below is my own personal argument as to whether or not I should indeed purchase and wear a real fur coat. Argument for purchase * The animal is dead; in fact it has been dead for over 70 years. The mink has not been slaughtered for my pleasure alone and mink farms no longer exist in this country. No matter what I do, I cannot save it now. * It is a timeless and classical garment and should be enjoyed. The only way to do this is to wear it, take care of the item and treasure the fact that I own a piece of history. * It is recycling – what is the point of destroying a beautiful piece of ‘art’. Do you leave the coat in a dusty warehouse to be eaten by rats or mice, or do you enjoy the craftsmanship and work of art?

These coats were hand crafted and took many, many hours/weeks to complete. * It would be very cost effective to purchase a fur coat from eBay. If I were serious about purchasing real fur, I would probably have to go abroad, say Eastern Europe, to source such an item. Then there is the cost of shipping and also the worry of buying from an unknown source. I may not be protected in my purchase like I will be with eBay. * I will never find a garment like this in a shop nowadays. Again, I would have to source the item most likely abroad and there are too many uncertainties. * It will be warm and feel luxurious to the touch. Eskimos wear real fur to eep themselves warm and although England doesn’t experience weather such as theirs, it will still keep the chill at bay. Also the feel of real fur is second to none. It has quality, depth and a finish on the garment that is rarely seen on mass produced items that are manufactured today. * It is a statement piece, and unique, there will never be another coat like this, ever and I would feel proud and honoured to wear such a garment as exquisite as this. Argument against purchase * It is ethically wrong. Slaughtering animal for cosmetic purposed is barbaric and as an educated individual I do not stand for much by wearing such a garment. * I may become a target for activist.

For example, I once read in the newspapers that a woman who was wearing a real fur coat had a tin of paint thrown over her. * It may encourage others to wear real fur and this in turn could create a market for garments such as real fur stoles, hats, jackets etc. It may even create a ‘black market’ for real fur items. * I believe real fur has a certain ‘smell’ to it, made particularly prominent when wet. I do not like the idea of being caught in the rain wearing the coat only to find I smell like a wet dog. Also it rains all the time in England! * It would be an occasion piece. I would certainly not wear it daily, therefore would I get maximum enjoyment out of it? Would I be in fear of wearing it? Would it end up just sat in the wardrobe?

Therefore, in conclusion to my personal conflict, I decided not go through with the purchase. I felt I would not be comfortable, in myself, wearing this coat. I would have dearly loved to have owned this piece of history, but my conscience would not allow it. In times gone by, garments of this nature were common place amongst the wealthy and in an era where animal rights activist were virtually unheard of; real fur coats were not an issue. Nowadays, many of us consider ourselves equal to animals and that we should not take their lives just to adorn our own bodies. In my opinion, this would indeed be considered a selfish and barbaric act. (707 words)