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Computer and Internet Effects on Society

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In today’s society the world could not function 10 minutes without the technology it has readily available for its inhabitants. The world today is too depended on the convienience that these products of future abilities offer. They make entertainment, work, social networking, education, and communication so much easier. However, there are some significant negative effects like, eye sight problems, social problems, and general laziness issues. The question is, do computers and internet benefit or devastate society.

Computers and internet has advanced humanity in various ways. One way includes typing papers. Before computers were invented people had to use typewriters which were much slower and if the writer made a mistake, he or she would have to cover it up with white ink rather than “backspacing”. Another example of something that computers and the internet have changed, is the way people are entertained. Not only can a person play games on a computer, but they can also watch movies, socialize, find new people, listen to music, and create extremely awing works of art.

Also before computers and the internet, the only way of gaining knowledge was literally through others; speeches or reading articles, books, magazines, or any other printed document. Now, computers and the internet makes all of this incredibly convenient. In today’s society people more than likely could not even function without the internet, let alone gain knowledge because more and more kids are reading less and less books due to the internet. In most ways computers are beneficial to society, one major way is through that of the work force.

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In general, a computer makes typing, which is needed by nearly every profession in one way or another, easier to do. Computers are much faster than old typewriters and obviously faster than hand writing anything. Another reason why they make typing more convenient is the backspace key. Back when it was the typewriter, if a person made a mistake while typing they had to take out the paper and put white ink over the mistake. Or if it was a giant mistake, the writer would then have to take a completely new piece of paper and start anew.

Also, instead of looking up how to spell word in the dictionary or knowing how to spell every word in the English language, if the writer were to misspell a word on the computer, it would show an derror on the scree, therefore reducing mistakes as well. In saying this, computers save a vast amount of paper due to not writing directly on the paper itself. Another way computers benefit the work force is through email. These instant messages go from person to person, or from one person to a quantity of people.

This, compared to writing out one letter, or even making multiple letters, saves time and is more convenient. Again this method will save paper which in turn helps save the environment. Yet another great example of how computers and internet benefit the work force is through online communication. A specific example of this is video calls. A person who needs to go across the world to present something to a business partner for example, could easily just setup a video call and presen right from his or her own office to another computer somewhere else.

This gaain is convenient in saving traveling time and saving money the person would have to spend to travel to wherever was needed. Furthermore, another benefit is a job itself. With today’s technology people have designing careers that need a computer to make, view, or edit photos and movies. They can take a picture with a camera, upload it to a computer, and begin their own form of artwork on the photo. In general there are countless ways that computers effect the work force. Another major benefit computers have to offer is that they improve everyday normal living.

One way they do this is by helping people manage their financials. With a computer, a person can open a spreadsheet, create a budget, and manage that budget over time. This could help a person save money in the long run. Also, computers come with on board calculators so there is no need of getting one yourself. Another way computers make everyday life better is that in all appliances, microwaves, ovens, televisions, washer and dryers etc. , and handheld devices, mp3’s, phones, or any other media device, all have what’s called “embedded systems” which is like a mini on board computer.

Without these systems our laundry would take longer to clean, our food would be harder to prepare, and entertainment like movies, shows, or music, might not even exist. Also, people can go onto the internet to research a product before they buy it. This would save time and money because instead of going to the store to ask customer support about a product, a person can look up online what the product has to offer. Order it if they would like, and someone else can deliver it for them. “Although these tasks can be done without a computer, the invention makes doing such tasks much easier. An example of this is something previously mentioned, entertainment. People are able to access millions of websites that offer movies, short videos, games, or music. Because these are so easy to get to people can entertain themselves as much as they would by going out to the movies or going to an arcade. Something else that computers make easy is making cards. There are computer programs that help a person setup any type of card they need, which would save money rather than going out and buying one from a store. Yet another ability computers make easier is communicating with people.

People are able to go online and get on video chat and talk to someone across the world with no problem. If a family member is on vacation and would like to talk with you more than over the phone, he or she could just open up a computer and be face to face with whoever they’d like. Also, online gaming provides a vast opportunity to talk with people. The chat boxes that these games provide hosts hundreds, or even thousands of people at a time, all able to talk with each other. Along these same lines lies online chat rooms.

People can get on one of these websites and talk with people from around the world, this function is sometimes used for online dating as well. If these ways of communication are not available then there are always emails. These are like notes passed to one another but instead of across the room, it’s to wherever the sender would like. “Communication with others is growing as an application of computers by children, particularly as more homes and schools gain access to the internet. ” A fourth way computers and internet impact society is through education.

Computers are becoming less and less expensive so schools are able to afford more and more of them. Computers can help kids learn by having software that teaches them the needed information for a class. Also, with the internet, kids have millions of sources to gather for any necessary research papers or projects. There are online textbooks, so if a kid forgets his or her book at school, they can access the exact same information online. Another example is that online games that educate are very helpful to learning children.

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