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Complete Assessment

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These Taft will all have extensive prior industry experience and formal trade qualifications. Further skills and knowledge training along with induction will provided upon commencement of the role. These staff will be employed to work within the retail stores. ; Development of new processes will be implemented to increase time efficiency and cost effectiveness. Each store will be provided with new office equipment such as photocopier, printer which is suitable for industrial use along with new computers and pad's .

A let of delivery vans will be acquired in order to assist with the increase in sales. ; Staff will have sound expertise and be knowledgeable on products and services Training will be provided to all staff both existing and newly employed. Training will on all current and new products, office equipment, and revision Of service knowledge and multi killing practices with further training on increasing sales performance for staff employed in sales sector. Operational Goals Department Goals Progress Goal Focus Reason/ Barriers

Department Deliverable Due 2 3 4 5 6 To increase the services sales by 20% within a time frame of eighteen months. Recruitment and Training To puppies all staff with training to acquire service knowledge and be multi skilled To increase sales and staff skills. Head office Staff trained and pickled To increase sales and staff skills and knowledge at the stores Training programs implemented and delivered 10th Jan 2018 Retail stores 1 10th Jan Warehouse Employ 14 new permanent full time staff to work in the retail sector

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To increase sales with recruitment of 14 extra staff in the sale sector Western Australia Store Additional Staff recruited in sales sector To increase sales capacity by recruiting 4 additional staff in sales sector 4 additional staff hired for Western Australia Store 1 6th July Tasmania Store additional staff hired for Tasmania Store NEWS store.

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