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Competiors and industry trends

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Gap Inc is a well renowned name in the pharmaceutical industry. The Gap Inc is a well recognized brand and this recognition can be partly attributed to the efforts of their management. The Gap Inc. has a strong team of management executives, a blend of youth and experience. The Gap Inc. is a global specialty retailer, operating retail and online stores selling casual apparel, accessories, and personal care products for men, women and children under the Gap, Old Navy, banana republic, and Piper lime brands.

The Company’s operations extend into different continents, including, North America, Europe and Asia. It also has franchise agreements to operate Gap and banana republic stores in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After a brief review of the Gap, I came across some details concerning their financial structure and operations. Due to the seasonal business patterns, sales peek over a total of about 13 weeks during August through November and December.

The Gap Inc, is a publically owned company and is traded in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Its business sector is Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services and falls under the Retail - Apparel & Accessories industry. The size the Gap Inc in the year 2007 can be judged by its net Sales which were around $15. 8 billion, Total Assets reported at $8,544 million and the net earnings reported at $833 million. Glenn Murphy, is the current Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the Gap Inc.

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The Gap Inc has a slight weaker current ratio in comparison with the industry but it gives a strong and positive signal to the creditors. The current ratio of Gap Inc is higher than Best Buy. This ratio suggests that the company do not have reserve cash or liquid assets and Gap Inc uses more of a tentative approach in utilizing the excess or reserve cash on their ongoing business. Gap Inc has a fair quick ratio with respect to the current liabilities. It suggests that the company utilizes their resources in efficiently and they do not have a liquidity problem.

However, the Gap Inc. ’s management is taking prompt steps to increase the quick ratio in comparison with the industry trend. In order to repay its debt to the debt holders the Gap Inc has a tendency to take more debt from the debt holders for their future operations, if required. Best Buy, on the other hand, takes the initiative of increasing Cash reserves primarily because of sale of investments and also proceeds from issuance of debt which impacts the current ratio.

Competiors and industry trends essay

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