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Compare and Contrast China

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Compare and Contrast Essay The Mongols and the Franks similate in many different ways that lead to such rapid conquest throughout different regions in the world. Some of the similarities were how both of the famous rulers, Charlemagne (Franks) and Genghis Khan (Mongols) divided up their land to family descendants such as Kublai Khan. Some main areas in which they differ is through their way of living, culture and there religions that they practiced and allowed to be practiced such as Christianity and Islam.

The Mongols and Franks have similar traits such as great rulers, which led to the conquest of massive land areas, and also being nomadic. They differ in agriculture techniques/ practices and religion such as Christianity and Islam. The Mongols and Franks raised their empires to be very successful in the manner of conquering many regions in a very quick time. The most important ruler for the Franks was Charlemagne and Genghis Khan was the one who started the Mongol reign throughout all of Asia.

Another way that they also similate is through their nomadic lifestyles. The Mongols, as well as the Franks, traveled very quickly to maintain land in a faster manner and to increase the sizes of their empires. This increased trading routes and also led to many more diseases such as the bubonic plague. Although the Franks and Mongols shared great leaders, they have quite a few differences as well.

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One difference is that the Mongols were pastoral, which is living on horseback with their domesticated animals. On the other hand, the Franks were mainly an agricultural based society, raising livestock and using plows in the fields. Another way these to empires differ is through culture. The Mongols were tolerant of the cultures that they conquered, meaning that they let the people they conquered practice the religion/rituals the might do as long as they stay loyal to the Mongols.

Meanwhile, the Franks gave the barbarians no say in what they can do in their free time. That means they were to all convert to Christianity or they will die. Simple as that. The Mongols also practiced Islam, along with Christianity, which would set another difference between these two diverse areas. In conclusion, the Mongols and the Franks had similarities in the rise of the empire and also had differences but these are what made each empire be successful for such a short period of time.

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