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Compare a picture and a phograph

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Paintings and photographs share many similarities, but they are also different. I'm sure that Anne Geodes, the famous photographer of babies, may have a completely different view of her subjects than Leonardo ad Vulcan had of Mona Lisa.

Still, both ways of producing pictures can have Incredible results. Photographs and paintings are alike In many ways. First of all, both amateurs and professionals can make them. Professional photographers often create breathtaking images, and collectors will pay a high price to display such works in their homes. On the other hand, an amateur with a camera can simply point and click. Before you know it, the person fills photo album after photo album with exciting shots of family and friends.

Similarly, a famous painter may spend years developing his or her unique style and finally become famous. Even though most amateurs will never be famous, they still can have fun with oils or watercolors. They will enjoy expressing themselves and giving their paintings away as gifts. It Is wonderful that both forms of art can be enjoyed by many people. Also, both photographers and painters can fix mistakes. Photographers Copyright C) Houghton Mellon Company. All rights reserved. Can change images by airbrushing and by the way they develop film.

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For example, photographs of fashion models are sometimes airbrushed to make the models look flawless. A photographer can also develop a photo to look shadowy or bright. Likewise, painters can paint over an error or even scrape off certain kinds of paint. Though both types of artists aim for perfection, they might not reach it on the first try. Despite these similarities, photographs and paintings defer. For one thing, they require different equipment and materials. To create a painting, you need paint, brushes, and canvas or paper.

Some artists also use a pencil to make a sketch before they apply paint. Photographers, on the other hand, need a camera and film. Professional photographers use different lenses and cameras for different kinds of photographs. They may also have Grade 8 Blacking Master (continued) darkroom equipment to develop their own photos. As you can see, the two types of strictures are made with very different tools. Last of all, photographers and painters make different use of time as they work.

Photographers must capture an image in a split second. Even if they take several shots of one scene or object, each is made in a snap. Painters, however, have a choice. They can work very quickly or spend years perfecting Just one painting. As you can see, paintings and photographs are both similar and different. I have both in my home, and I appreciate the work done by the artists who Copyright Houghton Muffling Company. All rights reserved. Made them. These images have added a lot to my life.

Compare a picture and a phograph essay

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