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Class President Speech

•Good evening, Mr.Robinson, Ms.Divine, distinguished Candidates and I’m honored to know many of you too well to call you Ladies and Gentlemen…Errhhhmmmm.

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Class of 2014, I’m going to be straight with you. I’m not superman, I cant stop world hunger, convince Mr. Roach to give a free day, teach my roommate Coulter to dance or even bobsled. I can try but it would really take a miracle to teach Coulter how to bust a move. Just look at him. •I’m running for class president. Many of you may not even know what the class president does and some probably forgot we even had one.

Nevertheless, I’m here to challenge first myself and then you. The challenge is to uphold the principles of a School culture based on(Listen up(someone in crowd), 3 important values) Community, School spirit and Accountability. •Our number one responsibility is to our school and by this I mean school and class collaboration. It would buuurn to see the last semester of Junior year just fizzle. I want people to be interested and involved, and I’m willing to challenge myself to go the distance to motivate our class. We are the Junior Class of 2014.

In 3 short months this is our school. My aim is to make you feel more appreciated, more recognized and more supported. • Another principle of mine, Accountability. Were a class with the collaborative potential to enact anything we desire. As a Junior straight out of Jamaica I bring a whole new perspective. You see, serving as Student Council president at my last school involved far more formality. Impromptu announcements in front of 1600 students weekly, organizing fund raisers, talent shows, school clean ups and alumni concerts.

These were all stepping stones to this opportunity. If elected I will make this position more than just a formality because I truly want this year to be special for us and I want to set precedents that will make junior year distinctive for every future class. •Community- My last, favorite and shortest point. I have plans to utilize the connectedness of our class to brainstorm fundraising plans that bring out the excitement, spirit and energy of this class. •Class of 2014, if you vote wisely tonight we will continue to make being a St. Andrean something incredible.

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