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Choosing Printer For Home

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I realized I needed to purchase a new printer for my home office. With only a budget of $200 dollars I decided to search the internet. After reviewing many websites such as, Hopping.Com, Office Depot, Best Buy, Officemate, and staples I realized there are many different types of printers to choose from. So I decided to focus on what my needs and restraints are in a printer. Since I do not have much space in my office; I decided to go with a multifunction printer.

A multifunction printer will, give me the added function of scanning as well as printing. I do not print much so I decided to choose the HP Photostat 7520 e-All-in-One inkiest printer. With a price tag of $149. 99 after an instant saving of $50. 00, this printer is well within my budget of $200. 00. E Office Depot has reduced their transaction cost with less staff, less equipment, and no retail. I believe office Depot has missed a big opportunity in only shipping direct from the factory when it comes to online orders.

Office Depot has 30 warehouses that maintain an inventory for both the 750 superstores and its e-sales. I feel if they would have work out some type of program that ships directly from the wholesaler or manufacturers when orders are placed online. This would reduce their transaction cost by needing less space for warehousing.

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