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Making a Difference through Charity Works

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We are all aware that not all people are the same. Although some may say that all people are equal, we can’t still deny the fact that some are just too lucky while others are not. Some have more than enough foods served in their dining table three times a day while others consider themselves fortunate already if they get to eat at least once a day. Some can afford to go to expensive private schools to study while others cannot study even in public schools where tuition fee is free. Some can enjoy the luxury and comfort of a big and fully air-conditioned house while others sleep on dirty and cold sidewalks. These situations are just some realities that cause people to doubt if equality really exists on earth.

However, if we look at its brighter side, these situations will make us realize how blessed we are. These will make us think that we should be very thankful that we can eat at least three times a day, that we can afford to go to school and to get the best education that we deserve, and that we can sleep comfortably on our own home. And because we are blessed with these things, we must give back to other people who are less fortunate than us. It takes a caring and special person to undertake charity work, as it takes that same special character to make charity donations. Charity work can be a long, hard and sometimes laborious task. However, it is highly rewarding for the individual doing it and the recipient of the benefits. Charitable works for me can be best defined as the willingness of an individual to provide as many smiles on as many faces as he/she could imagine.

Charity is a global act and is not confined to a certain nation, people or a country. It is an act of gratitude and support to those who need help, keeping in mind that earth is one small village. Above all, charity should not be an ostentatious display of wealth. Although it is an act of kindness, it could lose power when it is more concerned about hogging media glare than lending support to the needy and desperate. Charity could also mean love. I believe that the root of charity is love, love for our fellowmen and love for God.

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Anybody can be an active part of a charity work. It can be you or me or our neighbors. The fulfillment anybody can feel through helping others is incomparable. And I do believe that we can make a difference through participating actively on charity works. I am only one and I know I can’t change the world alone but if I can convince you, my friends, your friends, and our friends’ friends to be more responsible in giving back to our community, for sure we can make a big difference. Charitable work, in its simplest form therefore, is helping one another and the community as a whole.

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