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Mr.. Swell Press Pause Play The demagnification of technology Is truly transforming the way we take a look at things. When the first computer was invented in February of 1946, who would have known how Innovated it would have come to be. We live in an age where It is close to impossible to put your phone down. The revolution of technology is at the peak and Is constantly getting better. By the end of 2014 there will be eye glasses that make It easier to view things In a digital standpoint.

Artists have transformed the world In every aspect. They have changed and inspired the world in a musical and video aspect. With that being said, Press Pause Play is a great film because it shows the opinion of artists and their take on how technology has revolutionized the world. The film also shows the contradiction between the artists as well. The demagnification of technology is showing the world how to communicate, share, and combine the works as one. Communication is the biggest key when It comes to today's world of digitization.

In the time before the 20th century the way people communicated was by messengers. The mail sometimes took months to get delivered and was often times axed up and unrecognized. In our time, in order to communicate, we use our phones to do so. Nowadays, it takes seconds depending on our broadband connection to send messages. There are many diverse types of communication. People communicate through music, videos, pictures, and even personal experience. Artists can communicate through music by genre and having a feel of how it is being played.

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Another way is by having a connection with someone while it is being played. In addition to communicating through music, artists link through videos too. One example of videos are Youth. People have shared millions of videos through Youth and is continuously going up every day. Youth gives a chance for amateur artists to get known. This also means that there is competition now because the unprofessional artists are teaming up showing that they can converse their art lust as well as the professionals.

Communication also occurs through picture. This one app on smoothness titled Mainstream has really allowed people to post pictures of just about everything. The best about that is, anyone can see it. It is an amazing way to communicate and it to get your photos viral for professionals to see it. The next aspect of the demagnification of technology Is sharing. Sharing happens In a few ways such as, video games and music. Sharing takes place through video games by gaming producers sharing their ideas with one another.

For example, the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare was produced by Infinity Ward in 2007. It was an amazing game and sold millions of copies because of It. This caused another company called Tetrarch to create a series of Call of Duty. In order for the success of these two gaming companies to succeed, they need to share ideas so it can cause an 1 OFF f the biggest ways it actually takes place is through music production. There are many programs out for public use that anyone can use. Let's say a rookie to a platform named Fruity Loops wanted to start making beats.

Where would he/she get the instruments and sound kits from? This is where sharing takes place. Many artists make their own sounds and publish them on the internet. Sharing is constantly occurring and gives anyone the chance to combine technology and innovate it. This leads up to the last aspect of the demagnification of technology. The last aspect of the demagnification of technology is combination. Combination plays a role in technology because combination lets artists chain their work together and make something they never thought they could have.

It allows artists to open up their minds and use all three aspects of technology; communication, sharing, and combination. Combination gives artists something to look forward to as well. They can look forward to it because there is an infinite amount of ideas and can always come up with something original and creative. So, with all this being said, how is the demagnification of technology affecting the way people create and share their work? Technology is moving the way people create ND share their work in a few ways.

Artists share their work through social media and that is a huge reason on why the demagnification of technology is so advanced. Artists also create their work by using online resources and taking advantage of what the internet has to offer. One way is getting through to the audience. The world and the people are the audience. Artists are creating their work by getting an opinion of the audience. Artists run trials of their artwork and have the world try it out. Technology is constantly changing and without the use of it and the three aspects, we would have no clue on what would be going on.

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