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Catcher in the rye dairy entires

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  • Be the main character from your novel.
  • Create fictional diary entries about each chapter.
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  • Each entry you need to write in first person in the point of view of the main character.

Possible Ideas about the entry: You can write what happened to the character in that chapter, and have the character reflect on the events that happened, what he/she would have done differently, or what that character questions; any possible connections to family, values, historical events or prior events.

Dairy entry #1

Hello, I'm here in my rest home in which I came for therapy. I don't really want to talk about my early life. But I to have mention D. B my older brother that is a Hollywood writer which I believe that he is only searching for fame. My life's a complete mess I tell you. I was attending Penny Prep back in Pennsylvania. Just because I was not ready to "apply myself", I flunk four of my five courses thus I will never come back, that's for sure. I remember I was there overlooking the football field which I had no interest in being there were Penny plays its annual grudge.

I was there because I was supposed to be in New York because I'm the manager of the fencing team but I accidents lost the teams utile on the subway and all, but I actually don't care. I have really good memories form things that happen there but I sure had to leave. I remember having to go and say goodbye to Mr.. Spencer because he meant a lot to me, although his smoking kills me.

Dairy entry #2

So I go and greet Mr.. Spencer and OMG he is in decrepit conditions. As always he was trying to lecture me on my academic failures and his quotes about all this crappy things.

I do hate him when he told me that he had flunked me. I couldn't handle on more word; I Just hate to be lectured. So guess what I did? (Obviously not trying to rut that accusations). Yeah baby I left to my dorm room.

Dairy entry #3

So I was there living in Johannesburg hall, reading my book with my hunting hat when I was interrupted by Ackley. Btw, he is a student who lives next door who is terrible hygiene when it comes to his teeth and is always making up lies on how "sexual active" he is. While he was trying to mug me, Seedeater enters my room and mentions some kind of date he is having.

You are probably wondering who Seedeater is, so yeah Seedeater is the one good looking tall and attractive guy, who I don t know why always get to handle sexy girls.

Diary entry #4

So I am there next to that Jerk talking to him while he shaves and whistles the "Son of India" with his piercing whistles that never tune. Just for the sake of it I have to say UK I hate how his razor is always so dirty. He is quite attractive though. Seedeater all the sudden asks me to write his English composition about some god dam descriptive thing and tougher then writing him a composition was that I had to "not stick all the commas in the right place. Why? Because he was a stupid bastard that didn't do well at all in his English class. Then I started tap dancing for the sake of it. After a while of doing stupid things together I asked him who his date was and he wouldn't tell me for while, then after a couple of guesses he told me he was dating Jean Gallagher. His date was Jane Gallagher. Yeses! My Jane Gallagher. I talked to Seedeater about her for a while and told him to send her my regards and to no tell her I got kicked out. Then Ackley entered the room again. I think this was the very first time I was glad to see him and set there touching his dirty face until dinner time.

Dairy entry #5

We were their having the same meal as every Saturday night the same steak. When we got out of the dining room we got about three inches of snow in the ground. I didn't have nothing to do so me and my friend Mall and Ackley decided to go to the movies like an old couple of gays. But instead we went and ate some hamburgers'. When we came back we handed together for a while and as always Ackley was always saying his stories about a girl he should have had sex with. After he left my room I stared writing the composition.

I had no idea what to write about but then all the sudden I diced I was going to write about Allies baseball mitt my litter brother that died. He had read head and was terrifically intelligent. In fact the most intelligent of my family. That might probably be because he was left handed some believe that if you are left handed you are smarter. I loved him and I loved to play with him. God, he was a nice kid. I slept in the garage the night he died and broke all the windows in there. Anyways, that's what I wrote Straddle 'RSI composition about and it was about ten-thirty when I finished it.

I was board so I Just sat there looking through the window.

Diary entry #6

I am stuck here in my rest room and its quite hard to remember everything that appended but I do remember that when Stalled got back from hid date and saw the composition he hated it. He said it was supposed to be about something god dam descriptive and that what I did. But no, he had to complain about it so I took the paper and ripped it. I was no really glad I did that but I had to do it. I was really mad at him. I lit on a cigarette Just to bother Stalled, he hated when people broke the rules.

He sat there cutting his stinky nails and said sit about his date. I remember he was quit late. After a while of my asking he stared fooling with me and I told him to cut it out. He told me he stayed in a car. In the basket ball coaches car. He said he gave her "the time". We fought for a while, I fight in which I didn't have to get into because it ended with him sitting on my God dam chest and my nose was quite bleeding. I was so bucking mad. When the hell was he going to stop giving girls the time, especially to girls like Jane? I thought the probably Ackley heard the fight so I crossed the curtains and went to his room.

After all I am so glad that I had Ackley, he is someone I can go to when I am down and he is going to understand me. Sometimes Seedeater is not more than a pain in the ass.

Diary entry #7

Hello Diary so I went into Cackles room and turned on the lights and Ackley woke up. I was very down I swear, I lied there in Eels bed, that's Cackles roommate. He had gone home for the week end. That room stinted , I mean after all it was Cackles room. I Just started calling Ackley a prince and a gentleman and he really was. He asked me what the fight was about but I was a very long story.

I sat there and thought about Jane and all. It drove me crazy. Every time I thought about that I Just wanted to Jump of the window. Ackley reminded me that Ely would flip if he came in and saw me in is bed but I couldn't care less. After a while Ackley slept and I was trying not to think about the situation but I Just couldn't, it kept poking my brain. After I while I heard stupid Seedeater come back from the can and go to the room. I was thinking about joining to monastery and asked Ackley about it but then decided it was not my thing. I know I'm not that religious.

I got up from Eels bed and walked toward the door. I decided to leave this atmosphere in this place was driving crazy. I didn't know if this would be a good choice but I was sick and tired. On my way stopped to say good bye o Ackley. I packed my stuff and left everybody was asleep and the corridor was empty. I Just wanted to leave Penny that's all I wanted to do.

Diary entry #8

I took the worst decision I could have ever taken, walk to the station I know it wasn't too far but I was freezing. Every part of me hated that type of cold but it was too late to call a cab.

So I got to the station and only had to wait about ten minutes to get a train. I get board in trains and I was thinking about buying some magazines but then I tough I was not even going to read them because the situation I was in. I Just didn't feel like it. So the train arrived and this lady set next to me. The whole train was empty but no, she had to seat right next to me. Just for the sake of it She look at my bags and saw the Penny prep sticker so she told me her son Ernest Morrow goes to Penny prep and asked me if I knew him. I did know him but he was a Jerk and a bastard he was a perfect definition of a accusations.

Rather than me sitting there and telling her what a bastard her son was I sat there and I lied about what a good boy her son was an how sociable he was. After a while I asked her if she wanted to get a cocktail with me. What was I thinking, this woman know my age. I'm not fooling anyone. She denied the invitation. Then she asked why I was here and I lied about having this little tumor operated. I realized I was lying a little bit too much so I Just started reading my timetable. I was hoping she didn't ask anything else because I know I can lie for a while. I know it's wrong but it's so interesting.

Diary entry #9

As soon as I got to Penn satiation I felt like giving someone a buzz. I felt lonely I thought about calling several people but it was too late at night. I was afraid if I called my little sister phoebe my mom would pick up the phone and notice it was me. Everyone had an excuse for why not to call them so I ended up not calling everybody. It was quit depressive though. So I got in a cab and ask the taxi driver to drive me to some goofy place and what he did was to get mad and I realized he was kind of a bastard so I Just told him to drive me to Edmond.

I asked him to stay with me for a while, yeah that how lonely I was and he said he couldn't. I got to Edmond and check in, when straight up to my room and UN packed and all. That hotel was full of perverts you could tell by only seeing through the window. Sex is something I don't ally understand. It's kind of something extremely hot and UN heritable. I some for a while as I always do but I don't know why because I know its harmful but I still do it. I was feeling horse so I called this girl up that no a where but quit sexy. She kind of wrecked my planes down but what the hell.


Diary entry # 10

If you didn't know I hate to go to bed when I am not tired. So I was no tired at all and it was not that light so I went down to the lavender room where they had a club. I was really missing phoebe. I am a very sentimental guy let me tell you. So I went down to he Lavender room and stood there for a while and I order something but no I'm no aged enough for the accusations that attended me so I had to order coco. For the first time in my life I see the club tree young women alone. One was k, the other two were horrible.

So I invited the cute one to dance to Buddy Dinners horrible music but talking to her you could notice why she was alone. She was a kind of stupid retard. Then I came over to the table where they were and talked to all three for a while. They talked about famous people and pretty much the same thing the pretty one told me that they had seen this famous guy named Peter Lore. Girls my friend. Girls can drive you crazy. They talked about where they work and many crap. Then they said they had to leave. Their names where Bernice Krebs or Crabs something like that , the two ugly ones name where Marty and Lavender.

It was a cool night though the club was not awesome but it was something.

Diary entry #11

Jane Gallagher in my mind again. Bucking Seedeater. I remember the whole day of when I met her and it was all because of a stupid Doberman Pinscher pooping on my mothers lawn and all. I hated when she was crying and I remember seeing her crying next to the swimming pool at the club. It was all like in the movies when a prince see a princess crying and then its all romantic and stuff. Yeah, that kind' crap. She always read and I loved to see her reading.

I still have the picture in my head if when I was showing her Allies baseball mitt that had all the poetry because I knew she loved poetry. We were close to kissing one day but she didn't let me. I always thought of Jane like a different kind of girl. Any way that was what I was thinking while sitting in the sticking lobby chair. I thought that I knew she was not going to let him even get to first base but I was not actually that sure at all. The lobby was so depressing that I only got up to my room and sat down. I was quite board I tell you.

So I went down to the lobby again and got a cab that drove me to Ermine's night club down at Greenwich Village. D. B uses to go there. Ernie is a big black fat guy who plays the piano. And he kills me, he think his an all star artist but he really stinks that the actual truth about the situation.

Diary entry #12

The cab who brought me there was a freeing sticking old little cab and the taxi driver was all impatient guy. Like all other cab drivers. I'm sick and tiered of all theses god dam taxi drivers I need a car. I mean, taxi drivers are not even persons, they act like animals sometimes.

So I go again and ask him what do the ducks do when the lagoon in central park freezes and he has no bucking idea. Then we stars to get all passed and then I ask him what fish do. I really made him think about that, really made him think about all these things. Btw his name was Hurwitz. Anyway, I finally got to Ermine's and what I padded old Hurwitz told me, "If I was a fish, Mother Natured take care you, wouldn't she? , you don't think them fish would die when it gets to winter? " I think he might have been the touchiest guy Vive ever meet.

So I went into Ermine's I don't know why still but I was there and sat down like always they asked me for my age and I sat down on a table way on the corner on the back of the bar. The place was full of people clapping for the wrong thing like Ernie playing the piano. Many ugly girls that I believe have it tough. All the sudden I saw Lillian Simmons. This is a girl my brother was dating a long time ago. I talked for a while with her and she asked me to go with her but I was not really in the mood, Vive actually should have gone. But you could see the interest she had in me she was not thanks to me, was because of my brother.

She clearly has an interest in my brother still.

Diary entry #13

So I walked back to the hotel. Not that I felt like walking but I certainly didn't fell like taking another stupid cab with another stupid taxi driver. So I walked forty-one blocks. It remembered me of the time when I left Pence Prep and I walked to the train station. I was missing my gloves, it was god dam freezing. If I knew what accusations have stolen my gloves back at Pence I would kiss their ass believe me I'm kind of a yellow guy and all. Well after all I might not be all yellow and stuff I manly Just one who doesn't give a damn about anything.

Finally I get to my hotel and in the elevator the elevator guy tells me if I want a hook up that he could send me one so I was very exited it was going to be my first time. Tough I had quite a lot of chances to loose my virginity. So I went up and got all ready. After I while I didn't even feel like it. The prom is I get really sorry for them. I mean some don't know that they are even doing. After a while of practically doing anything with her, because as I said I felt like sit. I thanked her and gave her five bucks, but no. That accusations told me it was ten.

The elevator dude had said five. So I told her to leave with the five and eave me alone.

Diary entry #14

I was sitting in my chair up at my room. Smoking some cigarettes and thinking about past events in my life when all the sudden Bam Bam, someone was knocking my heat was really hard at the moment. It was sunny and Maurice charging me the bucking five dollar I apparently owed, but no one told me that. I said I didn't owe anything but what for? It only passed him more. He threatened me to tell my parents that I spent the night with a where. So sunny went and looked for my wallet.

He Maurice snapped his finger in my you know. And then punched me in the stomach they got the god am five dollars and left the hell of there. I stayed in the room for about an hour taking a shower and all. I got to bed and finally got some got dam sleep. All I felt was like suicide of Jumping out the window.

Diary entry #15

I didn't sleep long. I was very hungry the last time I had eaten g was those hamburgers with Ackley and Brassard. Vive probably instead of wasting my money in some stupid woman in a stupid club at a stupid launders room I should have spent some in food.

So I Just smoked a cigarette and that's it. I called Sally and we made an appointed to meet each other under the clock at the Baltimore at two. So yeah I made a date with her. So I got into a stupid cab again and went to grand central station. I check my wallet and I'm not as packed as before though my father is quite wealthy that it not an excuse of why should I be throwing money to the sky and all. My mother hasn't felt to healthy since Allele died that another reason not to tell them that I got expelled form Penny Prep. So I got to the grand and took a train where I met some god old nuns and stuff.

One of them thought English classes and I talked to her for a while since English was the only subject I had not flunked. After a while they ere trying to find out if I where catholic. I gave them ten bucks; I wanted to give them more. They wouldn't let me tough. Well, whatever I need money for tickets and stuff. God dam money is always a mess and stuff.

Diary entry #16

Hey, so I got there and got my breakfast but it as around noon and stuff. I made the appointment with sally at around noon so I had nothing to do and went for a walk. I tell you, I could go on miles and miles walking and never get tired.

The nuns were in my head. To me honest with you I do not imagine anyone that I know doing that kind of charity, probably my mother. But my mother is not that Christian after all I think so. Then I see this family walking down the street seeing everything around and I caught a little girl singing. I also saw a family with a mom a dad and a little boy that sang beautiful. He was singing that song "If a body catch a body coming through the rye. " Then I was kind of board and I thought maybe I game old Jane a buzz but I was no in the mood to talk with her god dam mother.

I'm really moody guy. So I went ahead and bought some phonies tickets to a phonies show and stuff witch I knew sally would like. I hate shows but I knew old Sally would like the stupid show. All the sudden I came up with this lousy idea to look for Phoebe I don't exactly know why I wanted to look for her but I did, my idea to talk to a little girl which I tough would know her was very bad I looked like kid of a pedophilia. Anyways the girl told me she might be at the museum and thus I got there. And then I got all sad or happy o I don't know what was actually.

When I tough about phoebe and stuff in the museum and looking at the animals and stuff Indians made in ancient times. I remember all those classes we talked about Columbus and all the stuff Isabella lending him dough to buy ships and all. I mean I loved the god dam museum. I can remember all the time I went in here. I Just saw everything and imagined her seeing the same things I saw and being different every time. It Just made me nostalgic.

Diary entry #17

So it was about time to go to my date and all and then I got there and all touts stupid girls sitting there I mean It was probably because it was time for vacations and all.

You could see on there face that they would probably all marry stupid guys. Then I saw Sally coming to me. I don't know if it was the impact on seeing someone I knew finally or that I if I really felt love inside me. I mean I could really feel the love flowing in the air. And I told her I loved her and all but of course I lied, but after all I meant it. So we went to see the stupidest play ever which she enjoyed. When we were coming out of the play and all some stupid guy she told me she knew came up to us and was all flirting and stuff, you could see over his clothes that he was a very rich guy.

After she had the idea to go ice skate and all so we went and we fell and all. We looked awesome and all but in the end we didn't even know how to sake. When we finished skating we sat down and talked for I while, I have to admit it I talked al lot of sit to it UT I meant it you know. I meant it. Everything that had to do with marrying her and living together and love and all I said it. I told her something about moving to Vermont and cabin camps and everything. The all the sudden this words came out of my mouth, muff give me a royal pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth. She started to cry and all then I was bucking afraid of her god dam father which hated me so damn much but whatever then she left telling me not to take her home but whatever who cares. After all I really do not meant what I tell her but whatever she need to be happy and stuff I don't care. Tough I meant when I asked about marrying her I still don't care.

Diary entry # 18

So when I left the skating rink I felt hungry and stuff and ate something. I thought about giving Jane another buzz to take her dancing and all because I knew she was a great dancer.

I knew as well she liked the type of man that had zero brain and a lot of muscles. Which she had had inferiority complex and stuff. It's hard for me to understand girls I mean they say sit, a lot of sit. If they like a guy then they classify him as the type of guys that had inferiority complex and if they don't like the guy they ay he had inferiority complex as well. What the hell happens to girls. Its so hard for me to understand them, sometimes I prefer not to even think about them. Anyway I do not regret giving old Jane a buzz because she didn't even answer.

So I called my old friend and stuff which I really liked and all. He was very smart by the way. He told me he could not meet with me so I went to the radio city movie and saw this hellhole bored thins that ended up with everybody laughing after all the drama and stuff. I recommend you not to see it because it is bucking bored. So we meet at this cool lace and stuff after dinner and all. While I walked to the place and all I thought about war and all. I have no clue why. Anyways it reminded me of D. B my brother, we has in the army for a while.

He said the army was full of bastards and stuff. I started to remind me of Ackley and Seedeater in the army with me. D. B hated the army but still loved the bucking book of "The Great Gatsby' and stuff. Tough I liked it too. I'm so glad they invented the freaking atomic bomb; whenever they explode it again I would be the volunteer who sat on it. I actually don't know why I think that but whatever.

Diary Entry #19

So I got to the bar and all, up at Sexton Hotel and I star to think about Luck and what an amazing guy he really is, his big and mature and stuff.

He is three years older than me and studies at Columbia University. Back when I was at Whatnot School Luck was the most amazing dude ever. He talked to us about hooking up and sex and stuff. Though I still think he is a phony. So he got to the place and all it was cool and all. I tried pocking his mind into talking to me about some sex stuff but he was not that into that. I think he was probably ashamed or something I don't really know what was it. He probably had gown now and leaves the "taboo" or whatever people call it behind. Anyway got really passed and left the bar.

He was saying that I need some psychoanalysis sit. His dad was a psychoanalyst and all, I wonder if he had ever done one to his son. I don't care if he got annoyed by my questions an all I at least had someone to get entertained with.

Diary entry #20

So Luck left the bar but I didn't really care I Just sat around and kept getting drunk. I don't really know why I wanted to get drunk anyhow. I at least wanted to get some girl from the bar to look at me but I was drunk as hell. So called the waiter to go ask a girl something for me but he probably didn't ask because it was bobbies he didn't care.

People Just don't give others your massage. It makes me flip every time people do that. Just like Jane and Seedeater; he didn't give my god dam massage to her, and the waiter at Ermine's bar did the same sit. C'mon people! So I paid and everything and went out of the bar because I felt like giving old Jane a buzz again, I was drunk as buck you know. I went inside the phone booth to call her and all but I was not in the mood so I called old Sally Hayes. I dialed about twenty number before I dialed the erect one. I was DRUNK I tell you.

So I went on with Sally and her grandma and I made a show out of me and all she kept saying me was to go home and all. I wish I would not have ever called her. By that time and the level of alcohol in my head I didn't even know where I had to be so I walk straight to the park where I went to see the ducks in the lake. I had a hard time finding the god dam lake, when I got there the ducks were not there. It was damn cool, I was freezing. I thought maybe I would have died of pneumonia and all. I thought of the bastard that would visit me. I hope someone would dump me in the river and all.

Because who really wants to be in the cemetery all dead and all with flowers in your belly. After all I decided to go see phoebe I really missed her. I had spent a lot of money since I left Penny so I walked home. It was freezing and by then I was not that drunk.

Diary entry #21

I am darn crazy, I have no idea what I problem is. The point is that I had the best brake ever. So I got home and Pete the regular guy that's always there was not here. There was this new guy I believe. So I needed a way to get up to my apartment so I said to the guy I needed to get to the Dickens's'.

He told me they were up on the urethane floor in a party. He told me to stay and wait. I couldn't Just stay and wait! So I came up with a story about how I had this bad leg and it had to be in a certain position and all. So finally he felt pity for me and took me up so I Just waited till the elevator closed and instead of going to the Dickens's' side I turned to my house. So I opened up with my key and all and then I smelled the smell of my house, I could feel I was home. I sneaked in I knew the maid couldn't hear me because when she was little her brother stuck a straw right up her ear and all.

I knew that if I touched anything my mother could hear me she had the lightest sleep ever, the straight opposite of my dad. So I went looking for Phoebe and found her sleeping in D. BBS room. She was there laying on the bed and all. I really missed her I loved old Phoebe a lot. I always say kids look lovely when they are a sleep. I love them all. So I sat there reading Phoebes stuff that was up o D. BBS huge desk. Anyways, I woke her up, honestly she is not very difficult to wake anyways. So she wakes up and holds me and hugs e. She's a really affectionate girl though.

Then I gave her a kiss. We talked for quite a lot of time. About everything in the world. Then I found out my mother and my father were not home but they weren't going to be home any way. I asked her if B. D was going to be home for Christmas but she didn't know. She told me something about a play he was writing and all I didn't really care at all. Then all the sudden she knew that got kick out. She knew because she smart people I tell you, she's damn smart. She told me about one hundred times that dad was going to kill me. I kind of knew but didn't think about it that much.

I was talking to Phoebe which told me that I didn't like anything. I really didn't after all. I Just kind, like only kind like James Castle this guy who Jumped out of a window back at Election. She then told me what I would like to be when I grow up and in a summary of all I said I wanted to be the Catcher in the rye and all. This comes from a poem by Robert Burns.

Diary entry # 23

Mr.. Anatolian is very nice I mean he told me that late at night I could go to his house, in which I actually planned to sleep there. I told him I had flunked out of Penny I don't know why, I Just felt like to tell him.

He was about the best teacher I ever had. Mr.. Anatolian was pretty young tough, was only a few years older then B. D. He was the one to pick up James back at Election when he flew out the window. So I stayed there with Phoebe and all we talked about her dresses and her plays and everything. We were then and then she told me to hush and all then I heard me parents come in, then I ran inside the closet and all and she came in told talked to Phoebe for a while then she left. So I went out of the closet when she left and decided I had to go. That was the exact moment to go so I put my shoes on and left.

Phoebe asked me where would I stay and I planned to stay at Mr.. Anatolian house. Then I started to cry and all and Phoebe was scared and all but I Just cried and cried and all. Then I left and actually it was harder to sneak in then to sneak out. Tough I really didn't care if I got caught after all.

Diary entry #24

So I went to Mr.. Antagonist apartment and all it was this very swanky apartment. Mr.. Anatolian was friends with B. D and when B. D went to Hollywood he said the someone like D. B had no business going there. Let me tell you I had to walk because I didn't want to spend Phoebes Christmas dough.

So I got to their house and it was full of sit all over the place, it had glasses all over the place and dishes with peanuts. Mrs.. Anatolian didn't even want me to see her because she was all ugly and all. So we sat there and talked sit and all we has lecturing me as always and all. He asked a question or a "pedagogical" question as he said and from then on we would stop lecturing me. So Mrs.. Anatolian brought Coffey and then went back to sleep and all. Mr.. Anatolian was drinking and he was quite a drunk bastard. He told me something that quiet scared me, he said that the sad talked to my father and my father was worried about me.

He told me he didn't even know what to say to me, and frankly I understood him. So he lectured me a lot while I was tired. So told me how applied I had to be at school. He told me something I had never thought about, he said,"you're no the first person who was ever confused or frightened and even sickened by human behavior. " And that my friend, it the complete truth. He was really drunk by then. He told me as well, that only educated and scholarly man are able to contribute something valuable in the world and he really meant that those are the valuable records the come behind a man of that kind.

I was really sleepy let me tell you, all the sudden I yawned, it was very rude I know, I don't know why I did that man. So he kind of notice I was sleepy he didn't get mad or anything, but after all I was happy but a little ashamed. So while he fixed up the couch and all he asked me for my woman a sally and Jane and all those separate stories which I was really not in the mood to talk about. The couch was too short let me tell you but I dint mind. He told me something about finding out the size or your mind and all. So then he left me there and I slept, I was really sleepy so I slept right away.

Then all the sudden the weirdest sit happened to me. I felt something rubbing my head in the middle of the night and it as old bastard Mr.. Anatolian rubbing my bucking head. So woke up as fast as I could and got all my things on and left. He followed me until the elevator and it was all creepy and stuff. I stared sweating and I really didn't even know what to say. That kind of stuff happened to me a lot and I can't stand it.

Diary entry #25

After I left Mr.. Antagonist house it was damn cold outside and I took the sub down to Grand Central to take my bags, I really don't feel like saying much but let me tell you that I slept there.

After all I should have probably stayed at his house because he was ere nice to me talking about finding the size of your mind and all. So I was Just there sitting down and I started to read this magazine that talked about hormones and cancer and sit so I figured I was most likely getting cancer and was paranoid as hell. So I went out to look for some breakfast and I walked trough the street it was all Christmas. This two guys bucking with a Christmas tree made melange and while I laugh I almost vomit. I felt sick but I Just kept looking around for the nuns I had meet but I couldn't see them. So I walked up to Fifth Avenue.

I was sweating like a bastard ND I don't like to admit it but you could say I was hallucinating because I could talk to my brother Allele in the moment. So then while walking an awesome idea came to my mind, I decide I will never go home again and I will go far away I could give old phoebe her Christmas dough she landed me and then leave. To be honest to you right now, I don't know what the heck I was thinking. I was thinking I could go far west and work at a gas station and marry a deaf-mute because I would pretend to be one too, I had no clue what the heck was I thinking I Just made up this damn sorts of my life in my head.

So I guess I could go to old phoebes school and take her a note telling her to meet me at the museum to give her back her dough. So that's Just what I did, I knew exactly where her school was because I had studied there was well. Point is I got there and all and I went to the receptionist at school and all and the little time I was there at school I saw about a million "Buck you" writing everywhere around the school. It pieces me off. Mostly because I don't want old Phoebe reading that kind of things, it really does pips me.

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