heading: Analysis of Themes and Symbols in Lord of the Flies

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Defend and/or criticize Ralph's actions as leader.

What were his motivations? Did he contribute to the tragedy in any way? Could he have acted to prevent any of the deaths? What would you have done differently in his situation?

2. Describe the religious imagery in Lord of the Flies: the forces of good and evil, a all from grace, a savior, and eventual redemption. How does Goldings depiction of the island compare to the Garden of Eden?

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3. Some readers of Lord of the Flies have argued that each and every one of the boys' actions is nothing more than an attempt to survive in difficult conditions.

Think about the mounting of the sows head, Simon's ascent up the mountain, and the murder of Piggy in particular, as well as any other key scenes that stand out for you. Is it fair to say that the boys' actions were merely the result of the human survival instinct? Why or why not? If so, can you use these examples to draw some general conclusions bout the human instinct to survive?

4. Support the argument that Simon is a "Christ Figure. " Do you agree or disagree with the idea that Simon is a Christ Figure? Discuss the development of this character from the frail, shy, fainting kid to the well-developed character that faces the Lord of the Flies and the beast, eventually being sacrificed as a result.

5. The conch is an all-important symbol in the novel. It is almost a character in its own right. Trace the development of this symbol. How does Golding develop this shell into this symbol? Discuss what it means, and the effect it has on the group of oys, from the first assembly to its eventual destruction. You may want to include in your discussion its relation to characters like Ralph, Piggy, or even Jack.

6. Discuss the development of one of the major characters (Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Jack).

How do they change from beginning to end? Is the change a "good" change, or a "bad" one? Be sure to support you response with specific examples from the text, as well as information you learned from class discussions (Simon as Christ Figure, or Piggy as representative of knowledge, etc. )

7. Another topic that you feel strongly about - you have to prove a thesis using a upported argument, and your topic must be approved by me before you begin.

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