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I Am a Leader: The Key Leadership Skills You Need to Know

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My first leadership skill that I want to improve is the third skill according to Covey which is put first things first. Which is mean that we have to learn how to prioritize and manage our time so that our first things come first not last. And overcoming our fears and being strong in hard moments. It’s about life management as well our purpose, values, roles, and priorities.

Making the prioritize things number one during the day. From my personal experience, I rate myself 5 in putting my first things first. Because, me as a student who live with the family have a lot of important things to do. And most of the time I don’t manage my time between my education, my family, and my fun time. My priority in my life is my education then my family time then the other life works.

Sometimes I spend more time doing fun activities or sometimes I spend more time with family and push my study and the important assignments to the end of the day. Sometimes I end up being unable to finish my assignment at night, Which I end up loosing a lot of points leading to decreasing in my educational level. There are many steps that I need to take to improve this skill.

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I have to make a calendar and identify deadlines, schedule future appointments and exams dates, write down family time and free times. I must schedule my priorities, not prioritize my schedule. I should have to do list for things that should be done, which are the things that you have control over. I have to organize myself based on my to do list.

My second leadership skill that I want to improve is the last, seventh skill of the seven skills according to Covey which is sharpen the saw. Sharpen the saw is maintenance, taking the time to put towards the things that matter, taking the time to develop the self, taking breaks, which will make you last.

This is the habit that tells you that are with improving yourself and perseverance. By taking plenty of exercise, rest, meditation, etcetera, you will keep your body, mind, relationships and spirituality in balance. As you renew yourself, you create growth and change in your life. Sharpen the Saw keeps you fresh, so you can continue to practice the other life skills. You increase your capacity to produce and handle the challenges around you.

Without this renewal, the body becomes weak, the mind mechanical. I can rate my self 4 for this skill. Because I spend almost all my time at home sitting on the chair studying, doing my assignment, cleaning or watching TV. So, I'm always stuck in the same routine every day. Which Causing boredom, inaction in tasks, frustration, stressed, scatterbrained, and generally drained. There are some steps I can take to improve this skill.

First of them should be changing my routine. I should get out of home, go to the gym get some exercise, eating beneficial, and get some rest. Second, I should pamper myself spiritually by spending some time in the nature, expanding spiritual self through meditation, music and art. Also, I can make some social and meaningful connections with others.

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