Funeral Services in Bogo City: Understanding the Business of Preserving the Dead

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“Embalming is one of the richest jobs a man can have”-this is what other says to the funeral organizations, in the case that their services are never losing. Every second of a time many children are born, but every second of a time can be a man’s last breath and every man’s last breath can be a future to other. Nobody lives eternity. We will all face death. Why is it that there are funeral organizations? Because they are needed by every one of us. They are the only one who knew how to preserve a dead body for a few days or anytime needed.

Some families of the dead want these services for their own reasons. Let us find in this study the profile of funeral services, and on how they operate the kind of business. This study, FUNERAL SERVICES IN BOGO CITY: Some Proposals is created for educational purposes as one of the requirements in our subject, Business Research 1. It contains some proposals about the funeral services in Bogo Cit, Cebu. We conducted research over funeral organization that is a family corporation which aims for the development and success of their organization as well as satisfying their clients through their services.

Anybody can read this research especially those who are interested about funeral services in Bogo City, Cebu particularly the St. Peter Memorial Chapels. Theoretical framework “When a person dies in the Philippines, Christian Filipinos –such as Catholics that include the tagalong people- generally hold a wake known as lamay or paglalamay, a vigil that typically lasts for five to seven nights, but may last longer if the surviving family is waiting for someone who will be traveling from afar. During this time, the cleaned and embalmed body of the dead, place in coffin is displayed in a house of deceased or at the funeral home.

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The exhibited casket of the departed is traditionally surrounded by funeral lights, a guest registry book, a contribution box, and flowers. Family members, relatives, and acquaintances participate in the vigil. Apart from offering condolences, the participants, guests and viewers of the departed provide financial donations (the abuloy) to help defray funeral and burial cost. Food and warm drinks are customarily served during the nightly vigil. Typically activities conducted outside or near the vigil area include singing, guitar playing, and gambling- such as playing card games- to pass the time and to keep awake. ---FILIPINO CHRISTIAN BURIAL CUSTOMS [www. google. com. ph] Today, people all over the world commemorate their loved ones with ceremonies that reflect their religious or cultural attitudes toward death. Just as we have rituals for our passages of life, such as graduations and weddings, we need a ritual for death – one of the most significant of all passages. Funerals just don’t recognize that life was lived. They offer survivors a chance to gather and recall what mattered to them about the deceased’s life: his or her accomplishments, friendship, guidance or love.

The funeral ritual also helps the survivors to heal emotionally. When someone we love dies, we experience grief, which, though it hurts, is not something to avoid. Grief is part of the healing process that allows us to separate ourselves from the deceased person and go on with our lives. An important grieving is expressing the emotions that may accompany death: anger, guilt, fear, sorrow, and depression. A funeral gives mourners a place to express those feelings. Funerals stimulate mourners to talk about the deceased, one of the first steps towards accepting the death.

The funeral brings together a community of mourners who, by supporting each other, can help themselves through a difficult period. To resolve their grief, mourners need to accept the reality of death not only on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level as well. It is for this reason that the traditional funeral is usually preceded by an open-casket visitation period. This may seem unnecessary; but many grief experts say that nothing helps you accept death as much as seeing the dead person. Viewings help with grieving because they show that there’s no return.

Perhaps no other moment in the funeral process is as powerful as the final disposition. For survivors, this is as strong symbolic moment, a confirmation that they must let go of the person who dies and look ahead to a change life. For this reason, it is important families choose the kind o final disposition most meaningful to them and most appropriate for the deceased. Research flow I N P U T FUNERAL ORGANIZATION IN BOGO CITY, CEBU * Corporate profile * Services and costs * proposals P R O C E S S * Internet research * Book scanning * Developing questionnaires for interview * Editing O U T P U T Information about St. Peter Memorial Chapels’ services This figure presents the research flow of the study wherein the input is our main subject of the study, the funeral organization in Bogo City, Cebu, the St. Peter Memorial Chapels. Statement of the problem The purpose of this study is to learn the kind of service a funeral organization has. Following are the questions we mention during the interview and their respective answers. 1) What is the profile of the funeral services as to; a) Ownership “The St. Peter Memorial Chapels is owned by a family and has many branches all over the country.

Every region we have ten or more chapels and life plan offices. In Bogo City, Cebu, we are located at Cogon, Bogo City, Cebu. b) Organizational set-ups/structures “St. Peter Memorial Chapels and, Bogo City branch has only eight members, one of those is the Chapel manager (CM), a liaison, and the rest are all embalmers as well as drivers. Chapel Manager (1) Liaison (1) Embalmer/ Driver (6) This structure is exclusively in Bogo branch only, every chapel has this set-up, and the General Chapel Manager is at Cebu City sub-office. c) Personnel “Our personnel are being trained well to successfully do their job with one vision and mission.

As St. Peterians, our words and actions are guided by and aligned with our St. Peterian oath (vision magazine- official publication of the St. Peter Group of Companies/March-April 2012). We incorporate our core values in our way of life. We recite the St. Peterian oath everyday to remind us always of our responsibilities as St. Peterians. We are reflections of these vision, mission and values so we have to live them out as true St. Peterian should. ” 2) What are the services offered? “Nobody cannot predict our lives, we cannot say when our last day is. Practically we will all reach the time of death, and that we cannot deny this fact.

So, St. Peter Memorial Chapels offers Life Plan insurance in which this is very affordable for it is payable within five (5) years. The good thing about this insurance is that it is transferable to any of the family members of the insured. This is a package that covers the retrieval, embalming, delivery, burial and flowers for the deceased. We also have the booking or setting time as to when the body will be pick up. And also we offered cremation exclusively to the deceased with whom the cause of dying is a contagious disease like rabies, yellow fever and aids. ” 3) How is the cost as to; a) Embalming, ) Coffin, “We will not do just embalming or selling coffins alone. We will complete our service from picking up the body from their places, embalming, delivery, and burial. We also provide flowers as condolence to the family of the deceased. Depending on the owner of the body as to which casket they want for the deceased, the minimum package cost is (PHP) 17,000 pesos and maximum of (PHP) 500,000 pesos. ” c) Personnel salary “Embalmers and drivers will receive a fixed monthly salary of (PHP) 12,000 pesos whether there are customers or none. ” 4) What are the problems encountered in this type of business? Well competencies cannot be denied with this type of business, especially that we are located very near to our competitors but with our popularity of this industry, we are not afraid of it. Aside from this, booking reservation is our problem that usually encountered or having too much customers because we only have three (3) delivery cars. Sometimes, there are customers who will get angry but we understand for they have lost someone. There are times that we are in the middle of the burial ceremony and someone will call for an emergency that needs immediate response. ” 5) What proposals could be drawn? Being pioneer of this type of business, we all have the confidence to show to our customers that we are “the Deathcare Experts”. We have attended different seminars regarding this service and received many awards with this field of business. We also believe that “customer is always right” so we always obey and respect them, and give them advices to help them recover. Our staffs are properly trained on treating each other equally as well as the customers. Engaging in this type of business determination and the will to be successful, and as you can see, we are developing more and more ecause we are all determined to achieve one goal. As what the Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu, Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal said in his message to us during the blessing of the third floor extension of St. Peter Memorial Chapels- Cebu City last March 5, 2011, “Be merciful, just as your father is merciful”, “May the Lord continue to bless your endeavors and plans, and may you continue to include in your endeavors and plans the welfare of the people you serve, especially the poorest of the poor”. [ vision magazine- official publication of the St. Peter Group of Companies/March-April 2012, pp. 4].

And we are doing it every now and then of out services. Significance of the study TO THE FUNERAL OWNER AND STAFF Through this study, they are able to inform their customers the nature of their business, their corporate profile and the services they offered. And because there are only few funeral homes in this place, they have the advantage and the chance to be selected by customers. TO THE COMMUNITY This study would help us know the services offered by the subject of the study and understand the differences of the cost range of the services. And a chance to select among the services offered by the organization.

Scope and limitations This study focuses on determining the profile of funeral organizations in Bogo City, Cebu as to ownership, organizational set-ups/structure and personnel. On their proposals for this kind of business, their services offered to community and of course, their costs according to the services they offer and the problems they have encountered in the type of business they are into. Along the research, we encountered different problems such as a limited source of information, and a few research environments so we are not able to finish the research earlier.

Research methodology To reach our goal of this study, we made questionnaires for the interview. RESEARCH ENVIRONMENT This research is done in Bogo City, Cebu. There are only three funeral homes in the location, one of them do not want to be interviewed, and unfortunately that the time we conducted the research, the manager of the other funeral home is attending seminar and the staff don’t want to decide on their own, so we collected information by just one of them, the St. Peter Memorial Chapels. RESEARCH SUBJECT The main subject of this study is the St.

Peter Memorial Chapels with Mr. Jessie R. Agunod and Mr. Jan Ridomer Ramos. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT Throughout the study, we consulted different books and websites to produce this information. Also, in conducting interview, written questionnaires were used. DATA COLLECTION We personally went to the location and asked them information about this study. And we gather different ideas through scanning different books in the library and websites. Definition of terms CREMATION- burning a dead body to ashes instead of embalming.

COFFIN- the box in which the body of a dead person is buried. EMBALMER- the person who did the preservation of the dead body. EMBALMING- way of preserving a dead body. FUNERAL- is a ceremony for celebrating, sanctifying, or remembering the life of a person who has died. FUNERAL HOME-(mortuary) is a business that provides burial and funeral services for the deceased and their families. These services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral. Gallery With Chapel Manager, Mr. Jessie R. Agunod With Mr. Jan Ridomer Ramos (embalmer)

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