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The environment around us consists of many different topics and issues. One little change in our environment is enough to determine the course of mankind. The world can only be preserved when we take action to study and save it. Studying the cycles of the world and discerning the cause and effects of our actions will allow us to help keep a healthy environment and let us live an enjoyable life.

The carbon cycle starts off in many different ways, fossil fuels, respiration, and factory emissions. Then as the cycle continues, carbon that is transmitted into the oxygen will then be taken in by plants and animals as they intake vegetables and other autotrophic organisms. Then as organisms and waste products die, they will start the process of decomposing and begin returning the carbon that they have taken during their lifetime. Without the carbon cycle, many of the worldly systems would stop functioning properly. For example problems like the increase of the greenhouse effect, global warming, ozone depletion, and acid rain would rise dramatically.

Greenhouse gases are gases that help the planet trap heat and warmth. Carbon dioxide is one of these gases. Without carbon dioxide the world would become so cold that it would start freezing. Although carbon dioxide is needed for our survival on this world, humans have burned so much fossil fuel and imputed so much more carbon dioxide that it has started being harmful to our world. The heat trapped by the greenhouse gases is slowly but gradually increasing, this is slow increase in the heat is not only affecting the temperature but also causing global warming in various places around the world.

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Global warming is the increase in the normal temperature the 1990s to our current time. Global warming not only means the change in temperature but also the changes in solar radiance. Global warming causes the regular weather in different parts of the world to go haywire and temperatures to go to the extremes. The disease and sickness rate could also rise due to the weather becoming more suitable breeding grounds for various insects such as malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Another catastrophe would be ozone depletion. In the 1980s scientists discovered that the ozone had a hole in it. As they researched about the hole they found out that the cause was because of a carbon called chlorofluorocarbons. The scientists determined that this carbon was the leading cause of ozone depletion. From the hole in the ozone, problems such as more ultraviolet rays entering and a higher risk of skin cancer can occur. Scientists predict that more than one million people will die from skin cancer because of the extra ultraviolet rays.

Acid rain is also a cause to be worried about because its potential to harm is very high as well. Acid rain is caused by gases and chemicals that are released into the air by factories and chemical plants. Gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and lead are all gases that can pollute the rain-making clouds. Acid rain is extremely harmful to our environment because it can kill off many animals and plants not only on land but in the ocean too. The acid rain infects fishes in the ocean and poisoning the fish that breathe the water and the larger fish that eat the already poisoned fish getting poisoned along with many others. Rain that lands on plants will cause the plants to get poisoned and eventually when the producers of the food chain run out, other life will stop as well.

In conclusion our environment is something that can affect us drastically, if we do not keep things in the right shape, the carbon cycle and all the other cycles will cause disasters that will leave us no time to fix or regret.

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