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Business Management – A Johnson Matthey

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Technological environment impact as Johnson Matthew is primarily in the research and development field of products the technological environment impacts them and visa versa. However if the technological field should change so much as to rule out the Internal combustion engine altogether then catalytic converters will be outdated and rendered redundant. In response to this Johnson Matthew has researched and continues to research alternative technologies to further improve on current ideas.

Economic environmental Impact Johnson Matthews specialized research in lowering air pollutants in vehicle emissions grants them tax credit in many countries such as the I-J because research for environmental benefit is encouraged. In the 2008 recession caused a major problem because companies could no longer receive loans. Many companies were forced to become more efficient. Johnson Matthew set targets to lower cost and become more sustainable. This has greatly improved its position node what it was in monsoons.

The massive growth of China's economy has created a major demand In the vehicle Industry and therefore a demand for catalytic converters. A small part of Johnson Matthews sales are made from the refining and recycling of precious metals. If the price of these metals increase, so will the inputs, however they should fall then so will the amount of Inputs. Social environmental Impact Johnson Matthew has a need of highly educated staff and employs its staff from giggly technical areas of science and engineering.

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To encourage the ease of access to their greatest asset Johnson Matthew has raised awareness to the career prospects to students thinking of studying STEM subjects. Physical environmental impact Johnson Matthew have made goals to become as sustainable as possible and thus decreasing their negative effect on the planet. By researching how to better their products they have reduced their effect on alarm pollution. Greater efficiency In fuel use ND chemical processes reduces natural resources used. Institutional-governmental environmental impact Due to the upheavals caused by environmentalists governments have passed laws that stipulate that organizations must lower their carbon footprints and increase efficiency to reduce their impact on the limited resources available. International environment All countries have deferent laws and legislation. This creates quite a complex environment for a business. Johnson Matthew Is subject to globalizes technology hangers.

China's economy plays a big role in this as well; if China's economy sinks 1 OFF because should technology be researched that can render the internal combustion engine redundant it will make Johnson Matthew an unnecessary business. By doing this they can stay ahead of other companies by adapting to change created by technologies and changes in the publics perspective to the natural environment. Johnson Matthew is dependent on how efficient their product is at converting harmful pollutants into harmless gases.

This company makes money off how echo- friendly their catalytic converters are. With the fast economic rise in China there is a rise in profitability. The less it costs to make their product the more desirable and profitable it is. By engaging the community in raising awareness of the importance of STEM subjects and the career opportunities it creates, Johnson Matthew has taken the triple bottom line very seriously. If a new plant is to be constructed what must be taken into account is how far away from residential areas is ideal and safe to operate.

The plant should be close enough to the distributed and clients. To lower costs on transport, suppliers should also be close by. Being a producer of catalytic converters being in the vicinity of vehicle manufacturers will be in their favor.  A public company has the advantage of having an unlimited amount of investors as well as their investors not being legally liable if the company goes bankrupt. Being a public company subjects their financial plans to the public for evaluation, thus further enforcing the idea of their environmental awareness as truth.

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