Building Trust through E-Commerce

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Suppose I am selling merchandises online – for instance, gift items for everyone – I know exactly how to convince my prospective buyers to trust my web site. Through the concept of “Free Information for All,” I would educate my web visitors, in the simplest way possible (without giving essential information to competitors), about the process of storing their credit card information and securing it from hackers and viruses.

The rationale behind “Free Information for All,” is aiming at the minds of the potential customers, to make them think, feel and believe that they know all they need to know about where their credit card information is going. Images, such as secured vaults and huge powerful computers, will be used to instill in the minds of the viewers that my web site could not be any safer. In fact it is 100% safe and error-free. As for the action steps that I would take, I will begin by advertising banners and links that features a reverse psychology-inspired message, “Do not trust every online shop you see.

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Click to find the tricks of scammers. ” Then, when they’re in my web site already, they will read another message, “Trust only those who can tell you everything you need to know about your shop and your account. Experience worry-free online shopping. ” The second step is for me to make good on my word. Eventually, I will post “Testimonials” from the marketing department and from real people with pages in My Space. This will create a crisp, friendly feel in the website, and it will convince more people that my business and services are no hoax.

The final step is just to ensure that my customers will enjoy a 24/7 customer support online and via toll-free number. Customers love to be pampered. I will pamper my customers, make them trust me, and make them go back to my store, with their friends in tow. Survey source: Safety in Numbers. June 25, 2002. The Resource for Security Executives. November 10, 2006. <http://www. csoonline. com/metrics/viewmetric. cfm? id=393>.

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