Building Construction for the Fire Service

Last Updated: 28 May 2020
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In the aspect of social community safety and welfare, incidence of fire disaster is indeed viewed to be very critical and damaging for the people. Primarily, this disaster posts danger to the people as it present injuries and even death to afflicted individuals and also, fire disaster posts certain damages to valuable life properties and social construction.

Indeed, fire disasters are dangerous and very disadvantageous thus, the people must exert efforts and resource to prevent this problem from occurring and causing problems for the people. There are actually many new ways and technological advancement that have created to address the need of the society towards safety and security against the fire disaster. One of which is the development of the water sprinkler system in the social construction such as houses, buildings and other private and public construction.

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The system of water sprinkler is indeed an efficient and effective innovation for public safety as countless fire disasters have already been prevented by this creation. Consider primarily the beneficial that this system offers to the society. First, the water sprinkler system is automatic through its sensors thus, fire incidences can be premature prevented before it even destroy valuable property or inflict danger to the people.

Second, modern innovations have developed this system to be more efficient thus, the aspect of water problem can be minimized. Indeed, the water sprinkler system installation is an effective means to prevent the dangers of fire disaster thus, the mandatory state of this installation need must be establish in each local community. As some people may argue, water sprinkler system also has its flaws and adverse issue yet, these people must consider first the question: “What if there is no water sprinkler system?

” Indeed, this scenario would be much more problematic and adverse for the people as even the simplest fire originating form small sparks or friction can create a major fire disaster destroying valuable and even priceless infrastructures and property. What is more important that each community must consider when evaluating the need for the said system is the value and importance of people’s lives and their safety. Thus, the installation of the water sprinkler systems is an important addition to the basic construction elements for each private and public buildings and dom

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