Brazilian wealth management industry to prosper

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Iambi, India - June 30, 2014 - From a population of 201 million, 4000 people were categorized as high net worth individuals in Brazil in 2013 alone. Brazil holds the record of being the leading economy in Latin America with the most number of ultra- high net worth individuals and factors like wealth creation, GAP growth, and initial public offerings of Brazilian firms driving the Brazil wealth management industry. This report: Brazil 2014 Wealth Book provides intensive research covering the high net worth individual (HON.) population and wealth management market in Brazil.

Foreign firms have encountered strong competition from local firms; besides red-tapirs has been responsible for stalling activity and thwarting growth. Key players Participants in the Brazilian wealth management industry operate one of three different business models: an integrated private bank, an asset manager, or a brokerage. The leading competitors include Brocades Private Bank, Learns Investments, Suntanned Private Banking and Versus Getsäo De Patriaöonion, which nominate the market driving the market trends.

Key opportunities At the end of 2013, Brazilian Wins held 22. 6% (USED 219 billion) of their wealth outside their home country, which is in tune with the global average of 20-30%. Growth in HON. wealth and volumes is set to improve over the forecast period Brazilian wealth management industry to prosper in the coming years By Christianson by 17% to reach 233,837 by 2018, and HON. wealth is expected to grow by 27% to reach USED 1. 32 trillion by 2018. For further insights, click here About Research on Global Markets

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