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Book Report: Camp Rock Stage Fright

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Book Report Camp Rock: Stage Fright By: N. B. Grace Camp Rock: Stage Fright I. Summary: It is a well-known fact at Camp Rock that the director, Brown Cesario, loves to tell stories about famous rockers he knows and about his days on road. But what is not a well-known is that Brown can tell a mean ghost story, and because of that, Camp Rock has an annual Scary Story Bonfire. Everyone is allowed to tell their own story. Rockers were too excited for the bonfire; they cannot wait until midnight so they convinced Brown to spill his story during lunch.

By the time all the campers had arrived to the campfire; grabbed some snacks and found sits, the lights had disappeared leaving them with a big bonfire while the stars were twinkling at the night sky. Brown started the tradition by saying some introduction. He let Barron James to take over and tell them the first story of the night. It was terrifying until someone scared Tess, and they all laughed because Tess screamed so loud, and fell backward off her log. The next one is Tess Tyler. She told them her “scary” story that was about her doing the chores. That was scary for her.

Andy was the next one and he did it with some twist. He tells his story with rhythm using bongo drums. It was pretty cool. Then the last storyteller was the master storyteller as they call him. Shane Gray was the last one to tell story because he always tell them an awesome yet inspiring spooky story. He used different story for this bonfire and was dedicated to someone, Mitchie. Mitchie Torres was having trouble finding her music. She had been working on a song all week but she cannot finish it. When she writes one verse, she will just get stuck after it. Every line she had written seemed forced.

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Every note she tried sounded false. Shane knew that she was having a trouble. He knew that some people were saying things about Mitchie being close to him. They said that she only uses him for popularity and he knows that it was not the truth. So he just find a way to make her feel that she does not have to believe them. Shane told them a story about Sam and his guitar. Sam died and his soul was on his guitar, and it’s playing by itself, but not everyone can hear it because only true musicians with soul can hear it. Mitchie tested out if the story was true. She went to the woods and thought about Shane’s story.

She waited until she heard some blues song somewhere deep in the forest. She cannot believe it until she saw Shane playing a guitar. It is already midnight when Mitchie and Shane decided to go back to camp. When they were already too far, a few blues notes shimmered through the air, then slowly faded away into the night. II. Reaction: I appreciated that they have made a sub-story about Camp Rock movie and I’m glad that they have. Even though I have not read the first six books, this story still inspired me and made me want to go buy the other six books and the book after this.

It is more detailed than the movie. They elaborate the life of Mitchie being there at camp. The story was funny, scary, entertaining and inspiring. All of my favorite genres were altogether in this. Most importantly, this story is about music. 1. Did you enjoy the book? I enjoyed the book because it was entertaining. It was about the character’s passion about her music. It was scary and funny, yet inspiring. That’s why I find it entertaining. 2. Was it well-written? Why or why not? It is very well-written even though I find it weird because the letters were too big.

I felt like I’m reading a children’s book, but I understand why. It is because it was published by Disney Press which is a publishing group of books for kids. It is a page-turning book because you know that it has many surprises by the next page. 3. Which characters play important role? Explain. Mitchie Torres plays the most important role because the whole story rotates about her. She was the one having the stage fright. The second one is Shane gray the one who helped Mitchie to find her music. And the last one is Brown Cesario, the director of Camp Rock who started and organized the bonfire. 4.

What can you say about the writer’s style of writing? Is it easy to follow? Difficult? Incomprehensible? Explain. It is easy to follow because it is pretty simple with simple words. It was written in teenage language that everyone could understand and it totally rocks. 5. Was the ending of the story satisfactory? Why or why not? Even though it is not yet finished because there is still a book after it, I am satisfied with the ending of the story that the main character was back to being herself again. She already realized that she really got the talent and she finished the song she’s been struggling with. . What moral did you gather from the story? I’ve learned many wonderful things from the story. The most important of them are friendship, trust and believing. For me, friendship is the most important thing in the world, without it you are nobody because even if you’re not popular, you still have your friends to support you and be there for you. And with that, here comes the trust. You just have to trust them that you will be okay, then believing, you have to believe them that they are going to be there when you need them.

Also believe in yourself, do not be ashamed of who you really are. Believe in your talents, you deserved it so use it. Everyone is perfect in unusual ways; you just have to believe in yourself. 7. Would you recommend that this book be read by others? Why or why not? I already recommended this book to my friends and told them that it was awesomely cool. I recommended it to them because I know that it will inspire them too. I know that it will help them to gain their self-confidence and lead them to their special talents and achieve their dreams.

Book Report: Camp Rock Stage Fright essay

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