Bissell Magic Broom – Analysing Adverts

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The first thing that comes to my attention in the advertisement I have found is the large picture, which surrounds the whole page. The advertisement focuses on an electric powered vacuum called the Bissell Magic Broom. There is an old lady posing along with this vacuum and smiling happily! The colour scheme of the page is quite dull and dead. The photograph looks to be shot in this old lady's house. There is green carpet, white painted walls and also a plant. The carpet looks perfectly clean to show how good this vacuum actually is. On the top right corner there is a big bright red box with the words "Warning! Beware of imitations. Look for the Bissell name."

This is a great line for the selling of this product as of the scheme and layout of the box. The entire of this advertisement, including the text box, price and coupons but to name a few, are all cantered around the large picture. The moment my eye caught this advertisement I knew automatically which age group it was designed for. I think this advert is definitely aimed at old people. I know this as there is an old woman posing with this vacuum. By the looks of things in this advert, the lady is very effectual with the vacuum and the results it has produced- a shining clean carpet! According to this advert, this product is also designed for children to use too as it says in the second paragraph down. It even gives a little picture of how the handgrip can be shaped for the most comfort.

This vacuum comes at a special price of  19.95. The company obviously want this price to stand out, as there is a big red circle around it and with the words above it saying, "No other vac compares at only..." But then if we look closer we will see in small print the text "+ 3.95 p&p" We are not supposed to see this phrase and that is why it has been lowered to a tiny font size. This is basically called commercialisation techniques and we are tricked into thinking that this is the full price.

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Directly below the text section, there is a box offering the chance for a 30 day no risk free home trial. If we find the results coming from the product insufficient, then we can send it back for a full refund with included the postage and packing too. Adjacent to this text is a coupon, which holds an area for name, address, credit card number and signature etc. The company provide functions of Master Card and Visa. Right at the bottom of this coupon, there is another extremely minute small print. This small section talks about how it can take up to 28 days for all deliveries to be dispatched. There are no special gifts involved in this advert but only the chance to send away for a free home trial for 30 days.

The main headline is at the top of the page and is the words "Bissell Magic Broom, electric powered vac" This headline is surrounded in a blue background and in a white writing font. There is also a little '?' symbol after the word 'Bissell'. This headline is a statement. There is quite an amount of sub headlines too. Below the headline there is the phrase "At the age of almost 90 I only wish I'd discovered the Magic Broom years ago..." This is the phrase the old lady gives in the photo. But then directly after this, in big, bold, block capitals are the words "It's magic compared to the old vac" This is the rest of the phrase coming for the old lady. Down the right-hand side of the advert are little text blurbs with people giving testimonials to this product.

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