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The advert opens with a truck driver whose truck has broken down knocking on an old woman's house. "My truck has broken down. May I use the phone?" the truck driver says in a deep but kind voice. "Certainly" reply's the old woman innocently. As the trucker is on the phone the old women goes and looks out of the window. As she looks out of the window there is a close up of here gasping because of the unpleasant surprise of they're being a full truck of Carlsberg being exported out of the country. She turns to the trucker who has finished on the phone and innocently says. "Would you like to use the bathroom?"

"Certainly" says the surprised trucker not wanting to sound impolite. The old woman leads him through a door to a giant open trapdoor. As the trucker stares down confused, probably wondering if this is her idea of a toilet, the old woman pushes him down looking considerably less innocent the she did before. The trucker hits the floor with a very fake sounding thud. As the trucker sits up he lights a match. "I thought you where dead" says the now very confused trucker as he sees another trucker who looks like he'd spent at least a few years down there. He is then sat at a table of what seems like a miniature prison for people who betray the woman's beliefs by trying to export the Carlsberg.

The expression of the trucker is really funny when he sees the trapdoor because he looks so confused. The old woman's expressions are also funny because she looks and talks innocently to the truck driver but looks mischievous when she looks out the window or pushes him down the trap door. There are very few words said but all the words are spoken in English but with a Danish accent, which makes the peoples voices very comical. The confusion in the truck drivers voice when he fell down the trap door sounds really comical. The innocence of the old woman's voice is also very funny. There are a minimal amount of sounds in the advert. The only sounds are the creak of all the doors and when the man falls down the trapdoor.

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Everything happens quite slowly giving you enough time to see what happens in each shot. Each shot is at least 3 seconds long. This advert succeeds because it is funny that a frail old woman can outwit a burly truck driver. Phones 4 u. The idea of this advert is to show that an old mobile phone can be more embarrassing than really embarrassing situations. The advert opens with a badly dressed golfer trying to hit a golf ball. Instead of hitting the ball, every time he swings the club he rips up a fresh piece of turf. A few normal golfers walk up the hill next to him. But the golfer just carries on ripping up turf, not in the least bit embarrassed. He then spots his unfashionable phone on the floor and suddenly becomes embarrassed. With one swing of the club he whacks the phone into the distance.

It cuts to a blank blue background where a phones 4 u logo comes onto the screen and someone says "ashamed of your mobile..." It goes off and then shows the golfer doing a mad celebration were he pulls his clothes off so he is only wearing a pair of shorts and shoes. He then runs and dives over the lip of a bunker. The way the golfer is not embarrassed about being bad about being very bad at playing golf but being extremely embarrassed about having an unfashionable mobile phone is very bizarre but funny. It is also weird but funny how the golfer celebrates his victory. There are also very few words heard in this advert. The words heard clearly is when the person says "ashamed of your mobile..." and the only other clear word heard is the golfer saying "woohoo" in a mid-air jump over the lip of a bunker at the end of the advert.

The sound effects of the advert (although there are minimal) are very exaggerated, Such as the whoosh of the golf club and the ripping of the turf as he tries to hit the ball. The most exaggerated sound though, has to be the whack of the phone as he hits it, and the whizz of the phone as it fly's off into the scenery. Each shot is quite lengthy, there is probably only about 10 shots. The first is the shot of the golfer ripping up turf lasting 5 seconds. The second is 3 seconds of some golfers coming up the hill. Then a quick shot of the golfer looking at his phone which should zoom in but doesn't. Then a shot of the golfer hitting his phone into the distance. A phones 4 u logo then comes onto the screen. And lastly the golfer does his unique celebration for about 5 seconds.

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