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Belonging and Community

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What is my current understanding of belonging and community? Well id have to say belonging is a big thing to teens and most people believe you have to dress a certain way or do something to fit into there apparent "community" but I definitely dont care what others think. Community to me is my friends family and people who mean alot to me. However that isnt the correct meaning, community is a bunch of people living in a certain area. I like to think my idea of a community is how it should be.

How did I come to this understanding of my thinking? Well I dont fully know, its mainly values and thoughts that ive collected and made in my mind while growing older. Many things probably come from my dad hes a great man with alot of good values and he helped shaped who I am today. My mother also taught me alot of good values and also helped shaped who I am. I definitely can't give all the credit to them I have to give some of it to my friends to they have great ways of thinking and are very great people. Thats not all though alot of these ways of thinking come from me and thoughts I think in my head of how the world should be.

What are views of others regarding belonging and community? Many of my peers think belonging means trying to be like someone else and fitting into something they like to think is a community.

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Why is community important in our society? Well without community what do we actually have? A whole lotta nothing really, without community how would we have friends like we have today? Id say without community were very isolated and us ourselves wouldnt be the people we are today.

Do you feel we need to have communites? No, We dont absolutely need communities we can just be zombies wandering in no general life direction. Seriously I think we need communitys cause our friends, family and such they are there when you need them. What happens if you have non of that and are in a bad situation? Well you arent able to stay emotionally stable and lose any sort of ambition or heart you have. You crash and fall and have no one to pick you back up again least thats how I feel.

If we didnt belong to a community what would we be missing out on? Id have to say we would be missing out on many different things. We would be missing out on our chances to socialize and not be so isolated. We would be missing out on learning certain morals and life choices. We would miss out on having many different friends who help us go through all the crap teenagers have to go through. I also think without communities alot of people wouldnt have much ambition to try hard I know I wouldnt at least.

What kinds of communities do I belong to? I belong to quite a few communities if you go by the definition of others. Communities such as school, area district, working community. Thats not community to me though community to me would be my friends and family. I gotta say my group of friends is one of the most important types of community to me cause we have eachothers backs through thick and thin. Even more important family cause seriously without family where would you be right now? Not here thats for sure.

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