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Scott Gallo Management 220 5 Commandments of Being a Good Manager It is clear that in today’s world there are no very successful businesses that do not have a solid management. A manager is a position that has high importance and they help their respective companies run as smoothly as possible. Without this position it would take longer for things to get done because they are the executive position in the company, which means that they take care of the entire system and they do not worry about individual tasks in the workplace.

Instead of doing all the work themselves they create the efficient way for a group of people to do it the fastest way possible. There is a countless number of characteristics that would help make the ideal manager but it is nearly impossible for a manager to cover all of them. The best managers use all the resources to make sure they have a plan and they have the fastest way of achieving it. After learning all of the characteristics, techniques and theories, I now know what I could do best to become a good manager.

One thing that I found very important was to have cultural intelligence. Almost every business has a good amount of diversity and there has to be a way of dealing with that. Cultural intelligence basically means that a manager has to be able to come up with a response after dealing with a situation where the manager has to interpret unfamiliar gestures. It can be hard to understand someone because of a cultural difference but a manager has to see past that and be able to deal with the situation at hand.

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Adaption to other cultures becomes necessary if a job was acquired and happened to be in another country. Managers should be able to understand the local customs, norms and beliefs of the location they work in. Cultural intelligence includes the fact that you have to pick out clues from a situation or misunderstanding and be able to respond in an appropriate way. Another important thing that a manager has to have is a good code of ethics. This is something that should be initiated as soon as a new manager enters a business.

A manager has to have good basic ground rules in the workplace before they can adapt into such a new environment. This concept sometimes has to do with the cultural diversity because a good code of ethics basically shows what is acceptable and what is not in the workplace. Planning could be the single most important thing a manager has to be aware of. Planning is the key to any success in a business. It is necessary for a manager to know the proper steps in planning. They include, developing a plan, then translating the plan, plan operations, execute the plan and monitor and learn.

This is a strategic method to achieve goals effectively. Planning can be short term or long term depending on what best suits the future goals. Good planning will direct employees and help them perform efficiently. The planning along with being able to adapt to unforeseen problems, an operation should run very smoothly. Also, to exemplify a good manager, one would want to use strategic management. This means that means decisions are made to find out the best possible environment and plan to achieve the organizational goals.

Top manager also look at rival companies to make sure they are up to par with everyone. Strategy always will change over time so a good manager has to be able to determine when the best time for change would be. As long as there is still competitiveness in the field then the manager is most likely happy. Lastly, decision making is an important asset in becoming a good manager. There are countless numbers of decisions everyday for a manager so it is important that the skill is performed at a high level.

It is defined as a process of finding problems and opportunities and resolving them. Decision making is not very easy but it has to be done in all environments. It has to be done under changing factors and unknown information but good managers will succeed. Essentially, there are a countless number of characteristics that a manger should have but without main concepts nothing will ever get done. A manager should give direction to the organization, provide leadership, and decide how to use organizational resources to accomplish goals.

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