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Publicly traded companies are entities that are allow for the offering of its registered securities. This allows them to become traded over a one stock exchange or over the counter market. This process allows for companies to gauge how much the company is truly worth compared to other companies in the same field or overall. This gives some inherent advantages over some of the privately traded ones such as being able to reach debt markets and the selling of future equity.

However, this also takes away from the overall control from the majority of its owners and company founders. There are many different types of companies that fall under this category. They range from anywhere between trucking to retail and anything in between. These companies are traded constantly with their stocks going up and down based on how people feel about the company. The four areas that are focused in this paper are manufacturing, trucking, retail (grocery), and mortgages. AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI) is a manufacturing company that develops ways to package different things.

The company prides itself on the plastic is creates and uses for this process. This company is very similar to that of Riordan Manufacturing. Both companies have develop their own plastic materials that are used for different things. According to the Balance Sheet, The shareholders’ equity dipped in 2011 and rose drastically in 2012. This is most likely do to the increase of assets and liabilities.

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In the Income Statement, the overall gross profit increased from 2011 to 2012 by over 50,000. The net income also almost doubled from 2011 to 2012. Though the trade value of this company’s stock has dropped to 1 under the profit line, the company has continued to show growth from year to year. AMERCO (UHAL) is a company that specializes in trucking/transporting items across any distance.

It gives most of its power to the individuals who hire the company giving them the power to control when and where they are shipping their materials. Overall the company is looking at a profit. It is currently at 1. 67 and rising. The company’s Income statement shows that the company is slowly but steadily continuing its growth. It gained about 100,000 gross profit last year and does not show signs of slowing down.

The overall net income came to about 21,000 in one year. The balance sheet also shows that the total assets and liabilities have grown and that it has increased the overall equity of the company for the shareholders. Arden Group Inc. is a holding company that operates seventeen full-service supermarkets in Southern California. The company itself carries both perishable and grocery products. The company is currently lost about 2.20 today. According the Balance Statement, the assets of the company from 2011 to 2012 dropped by nearly half the amount, the biggest cause seems to be the short term investments.

The short term investments in 2011 where 30, 413 and in 2012 it is 1,759. That is nearly 80% in one year. It seems that people have strayed away from this company when it comes to short term investments. This caused the equity of the company to be cut in half. In the Income statement, on the other hand, shows a steady growth of profit. The company is making money even without the short term investments. Nationalstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. is the nation’s leading mortgage service. It offers its supplies directly to the consumers. According to the Balance Sheet, the company has grown leaps and bounds.

In 2011, the company was looking at little under 2 million total assets, but in 2012 that number grew to over 7 million. The company is growing drastically and based on the previous 2 years does not seem to be slowing down. The liability and the equity has grown in conjunction with the assets. The Income Statement shows also an impressive increase in net income. The company is growing and making a lot of money with it. The 2011 net income was 20,887. This number ballooned to 205,287 total net income. In conclusion, these four companies are publicly traded and are very successful in their own way.

Nationstar has grown the greatest and seems to be able to continue to grow in the mortgage field. Arden and AEP are both growing company possibly going through growing pains and will be able to come out stronger. Finally, AMERCO is a strong company based in the right field and will continue to grow.


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