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Argumentative essay of child abuse

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When one sees a child, walking with there parents one as a person visualizes a child that is with his loving parents, a child that is the lights of innocence and joy. This visualization is majority based on our beliefs on how a child should live there infant year. However, that may not be the case for many children here in the U.S. As we may see a child that is happy when they are seen with their parents outside of there home and he/she may be full of joy; one may not know how they truly live and if they are safe inside their household as they are outside from it.

Even though we may not want to acknowledge things that may seem harmful; one must acknowledge that as much as adults are/can experience any act of domestic violence, it is most likely that a child can witness or live through it as well. Throughout time it has been developed that children have been affected by Child abuse or Child maltreatment in which it occurs physically, sexual, and/ or psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a person or a caregiver.

Domestic violence within children has become an issue that occurs nationally and internationally. In most this is characterized as child abuse or child maltreatment, in the history of this states that these acts begun within the 16th and 17th century in which child was carried as properties of their father. In this "property" act of the father it is in the state that the father can do what he pleases with the child even it is means hitting them for anger or just abuse them the way they please; this action was taken because through the time of this century the men where in charge of the household and where in charge of their children and wife.

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In this historic event, it was also an allowed action at that moment to abuse their child physically as in which it was indicated that children would be sexually abused in were at most points it a factor of religion was. As time had developed and gone by it was shown that child abuse was a big issue and that children have highly experienced direct and indirect actions of Domestic violence, in the 1974 a federal law was created in where the Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act (CAPTA), was an act in where it helped out eliminate child abuse by funding programs in where it allowed individuals to report child abuse and as well to help children find a place in where they can feel secure and protected. As this is a development from the history of abuse, there are still many children that are facing abuse.

Regarding child abuse research that was made by the creator of the article FindLaw has shown that more than “in the United States each year there are more than 3.6 million reports of child abuse are made in it involves more than 6 million children. As there is an approximate of 6 million children being abused there is an estimate that around 4 to 5 children are as well being killed because of child abuse or neglect” (FindLaw). It is harmful to see these statistics that show that many children are being abused and neglected and as for it to not be more fragile, there are occasions that the children that have experienced this type of living are most likely children that live with parent or caregivers who abuse alcohol and drug are 3 to 4 times more likely to be abused or neglected.

Furthermore, besides this statistic of children being through acts of violence, there are other statistics that have been confirmed. For instance, in two other statistics, it has shown that a child who is a victim of abuse id 3 times more likely to repeat the same action of his offender when he grows up. The second statistic is a statement that regarding 6 million that have reported violence, there are 115 children that are being abused hourly and in which it concludes that 90% of those children are being abused by their caregiver or parents. Through the gather of this information, it is harmful to acknowledge that children are being abused by daily. As this statistic that gives the victims that report the harm that is being done to them throughout their lives, there are still cases that go unreported. Cases that regard children being abuse may not be reported regarding that a parent may be the abuser and a child may fear that if they were to ever speak about their abuse to anyone they may never have an ending to it.

Domestic violence is an act of violence in where a child can have a great impact through it and because of that impact it can reflect the way they see themselves or raise themselves to be. In regard to the effects that Domestic Violence has to a child, in the article Domestic Violence and Education: Examining the Impact of Domestic Violence on Young Children, Children, and Young People and the Potential Role of Schools by Michele Lloyd states the following, “Domestic violence is manifested in various ways and has been conceptualized by some as taking direct and indirect forms.

Indirect abuse can result from inter-parental violence where children are not the subject of direct abuse. However, children witnessing inter-parental violence, and hearing it without necessarily seeing it, can still feel its effects: ‘While often characterized as witnesses to inter-parental violence, which implies a passive role, children actively interpret, attempt to predict and assess their roles in causing the violence’”(Lloyd). The fact that a child can see the actions or even hear them has made an impact on them through the way they act or even interact with others. Abuse to a child has a different impact when it comes to there age difference. If a child were to experience any form of Domestic violence or even witness, it throughout the age frame of 1-16 years old there is a chance that they have a high duration of stress levels in where it may not be controlled.

However, if a child that is in an early stage of age and face domestic violence there is a chance a high percentage that they would interact in negative behavior in where they will believe that what they visualize, and experience is a correct action. Besides the effect that it has behavior wise, the most effective thing that a child can go through is that as they grow up they may recreate the actions that where done to them and become an offender themselves, as this may be the case in most times, the victims can as well face mental and emotional activities that have to do with the actions that they make.

Furthermore, in the effect of a child were to occur have impacted a high impact that may cause them major distress to this is the acts of emotions and mental health. Those who face Domestic violence throughout their time in life, have an impact that is through their mental state of mind. Those who live through violence or experience it, have had mental issues like Anxiety, stress levels, depression, and even PTSD. As PTSD is known as Post-traumatic stress disorder, it is a consequence of results that are interacted by the exposure to major events and threats in lives.

As many of us have heard about PTSD occurring to those who have fought in wars, it is likely as well for people who have to live through Domestic action to experience it. This Disorder is more likely to occur to victims that have had various of exposure in which it includes repeated, non-repeated actions, indirect or direct exposure. The result of PTSD id an action of fear and helplessness. Furthermore, in the article Perceptions of Family Relationships and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence states that children that are exposed to domestic violence have a higher trauma exposer. An because of this action it is to occur that one in four children exposed to domestic violence is to experience PTSD and from one of ten children were to not be non-interpersonal with a tragic event that was to occur to them.

To conclude, a child should never experience and act of evil an act that may make them fear for their safety. A child should live in innocence for the rest of their childhood. But if that weren't to happen it is quite upsetting to know that a child has to face major impacts through there lives at a young age. In the history of Domestic Violence, it has been shown to reflect that a child was considered a "property" they shouldn't at any point be abused. A child is not a toy, a child is not heartless.

No matter what age they are they shouldn't be abused. A child is a child that should live in a happy environment; in an environment that they would feel safe and happy to go to every day. No child should experience any type of child abuse or child maltreatment in which it occurs physically, sexual, and/ or psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a person or a caregiver. If one were ever to see a child that is living through a hard time like this, they should stop and see if that child needs help, a small act can make a big difference. An act so small and letting the child know that they are not alone can actually reduce the number of domestic violence reports that have not been reported; as well it can reduce the number of children being abused by their own parents and caregivers.


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