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Bad Parenting or Child Abuse?

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Dear Editor, I am writing in the relation of your article “Bad Parenting or Child Abuse”. I think it is a good idea for Connor McCreadie to be taken away from his family because he is such an unhealthy child and he needs to change his lifestyle before it gives him harm. This article tells me that it is bad parenting because Connor’s mother has a lack of discipline and a lack of effort for her child.

He should be taken away because he needs to become a much healthier child and the Child Protection Authorities can help with this issue. The Child Protection Authorities can help with this issue by teaching Connor how to eat right and making him exercise more. If he doesn’t get taken away, he could gain more weight and lose his life, or he can harm himself or commit suicide because of all the teasing and bullying he gets. If his Mother doesn’t want him to be taken away, she should change how she feeds and looks after Connor.

Connor’s Mother could change their lifestyle by getting much healthier food, making Connor try to eat fruits and vegetables, making him exercise more and not letting Connor eat/snack every 20 minutes. This would really help them and make Connor a much healthier child. This article would really help parents who have obese or unhealthy children. Parents who have obese or unhealthy children have the risk of losing them. Some children are so unhealthy they could lose their lives, and some even commit suicide or harm themselves because they get teased or bullied. You’re sincerely, Tay Tates

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