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Are MBA’s Worth It?

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The movement towards a global economy and an unprecedented explosion of free trade and exchange worldwide has brought about immense opportunities to develop newer tools, instruments, and methodologies in the field of financial management. It is this challenging environment to which I intend to contribute by evolving meaningful and optimal solutions to various problems of finance.

Thus, my goal is a career in International Finance. To fulfill this dream I have applied in Masters of Business Administration in New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver.

Studying for an MBA requires a certain determination and strength of character. Therefore, after careful consideration, I decided that further study in an MBA program would be not only useful, but perhaps essential in developing my career potential and providing me with greater opportunities for future success.

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I believe that further study in Canada is an important step on the path to my career goals. I believe that Canada is the ideal setting for refining my expertise in Accounting and Management while also acquiring a broader, international viewpoint.

For my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Accounting & Financial management from Maharaja Sayajirao University in 2010 I have cleared the same with 1st class. It is a teaching and residential university and the only university in Gujarat (India) who’s medium of instruction is English for all courses. After graduation from Maharaja Sayajirao University I have joined Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation Laws & Practice with 1st class in the year of 2013. I have scored 74.14% in 12th and 77.86% in 10th.

To achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about current developments and techniques in finance, financial markets and financial applications and acquire hands-on experience of financial analysis. A Master's Degree will provide me with theoretical understanding, an in-depth idea of practical approaches in aiding managerial decision-making and research skills to enable me to develop an expertise in the core areas of financial strategies and global corporate financial operations.

I would like to probe specific problem areas such as the application of quantitative analysis to understanding various issues in global finance and improving decision-making and the effect of increase in global communications on international finance decisions. My research interests are Foreign exchange markets, hedging foreign exchange risk, international capital budgeting, corporate financial strategy including mergers and acquisitions.

Strong quantitative skills, familiarity with computer applications and experience gained while working with Parikh Mehta & Associates for about more than 5 years as an accountant have helped me to develop sharp analytical abilities and have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems on a macro level.

I look forward to applying these abilities to the immense opportunities available at NYIT, Vancouver. As for my future plans, I hope to acquire expertise in business, and especially accounting, that will enable me to work as a professional in a multinational company. I hope to develop the language skills, leadership and organizational abilities, cultural understanding and professional expertise that will make me an effective and successful businessperson.

After finishing the MBA program, I plan to return to my country and work for one of the leading multinational companies as an professional capable of dealing with a broad range of people, companies, and global project. I expect to have acquired substantial management and business administration expertise.

Running a successful company requires constantly improving quality on both the individual and business levels. I feel strongly that the MBA program offered by NYIT institution is ideal for developing these skills and preparing me for a managerial role in a multinational company in the future.

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