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Arab community and Mosque

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Terrorism, especially Islamic terrorism lately has been regarded as the most outrageous menace of the civilized and modern. In one hand the Islamic fundamentalist groups or organizations like Al-Qaeda are operating at merciless precision against the whole of western civilization, specifically the United States. The focal point of this paper is to act according to the given situation as a Counterterrorism Official with a significant Arab population in a city. The population includes both Arab American citizens and immigrants.

Every action taken in the context of security must be evaluated in terms of not only effective measures of eradication of terrorism but also should deal with the aspects of ethical considerations. An effective measure in countering terrorism could have been to move substantial attack and infiltrate the Arab community and Mosque but that would be too irrational and many innocent civilians would be harmed. Alongside it would appear as if this is a new version of Nazi regime. The better mode would be to implant informants among the Arab community.

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Arab community and Mosque

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This would be a much better mode of operation as it is ethical to use personal monitoring system rather than use force indiscriminately. Furthermore, the security officials are bounded by ethical considerations other than the need to prevent needless deaths through terrorism and that should be valued. By ethical consideration it is important to understand the need of self respect and human rights and one should always maintain the boundary between civil rights and autocracy.

It should be noted that several measures could be taken maintaining the ethical context. First of all, there is the problem of forged documents and counterfeit currency. To negotiate these and to control probable and further infiltrations the authorities must make it absolutely necessary to double check each and every document under double scrutiny that are put forward by any individual of religion other than Christianity. This may appear a bit of racist statement but under the perception of national security this measure should be taken into account.

The primary reason of eliminating Christians from this scrutiny is the information that hardly any person of this belief has ever been found involved with fundamentalist Islamic activities. Secondly, eliminating the Christians would ensure a faster mean of scrutiny as, and logically enough, the majority of the demography of United States and United Kingdoms are Christians. By why not eliminate Hindus, Shiks and Buddhists from this schedule?

This is because it would be very difficult for security personnel to identify Hindus, Shiks and Buddhist apart from that of an Islamic militant and it is not possible to teach each and every security personnel the basic differences of religion. Next in the line is the problem of Apartments and hiding places. To counter this issuing a social security number of any other identification documents would not serve the purpose alone. To counter these Islamic militants the authorities should ensure that whoever is renting out an apartment or a property or selling the same to a non Christian individual should inform the authorities at once.

The authorities should make it a mandatory issue. Furthermore, the authorities should set up enough whispering campaigns to ensure each individual is aware of this menace of Islamic terrorism and should always keep an eye or two on such suspecting parties. Reports should be forwarded immediately if there are indications of such activities. For this purpose the authorities must ensure to maintain a counter terrorism cell in each station. Another very vital tool of operations of the Islamic fundamentalist elements is the high tech means of communication.

Though we often say that the internet has opened our eyes to the world and has unlocked our minds for the greater good, it is with this medium, along with telecommunication and short wave transmitter and other communicative means the Islamic fundamentalists have closed their minds and hearts and zeroed in to destroy anything and everything that are beautiful, sober and just. To present a counterterrorist plan against this misuse of communication system the authorities must make sure that no bit of information is passed unnoticed or without proper scrutiny.

For this, if it requires the best code decoders available so be it. If it requires the best possible software system so be it too. After all this is the matter of national security. (Kar, 2006) Information is one of the most important of all features of the terrorist groups. Infiltrators are basically implanted into the geography of a state mainly to gather information about the related state so that it would be possible for these people to gather enough information whereby it would be possible for the terrorist groups to utilize the information to gain access into the strategic location and perform terrorist activities.

To negotiate and nullify these activities the authorities must ensure to put up wings involved in counter espionage. A wing of domestic counter espionage system is very hard to digest but overlooking this manifestation of the Islamic terrorist group would be resulting into adversity. So it is much needed that the authorities appoint units to monitor and report all possible act of terrorist espionage. Alongside, strategic points of the country should be well protected and supervised on a regular basis.

Departments of concerns related to the country’s defense mechanisms should be well protected as well because there are the prime targets of the Islamic terrorist groups. Every other point of strategic points should be kept under thorough watch like stock exchange and other financial institutions for possible scams. This is because it has been found that the end in source of many financial scams result in the hand of different terrorist groups. These groups are always in need of financial assistance and scams are a good source of acquiring a substantial amount of finance.

(Lamb, 2004) All these measures are ethical and effective as far as security is concerned. Thus it can be stated that f used properly it would possible to eradicate the menace of terrorism staying with in the parameters of ethical considerations. References: Kar, P; (2006); Principals of Homeland Security and Related Applications; Kolkata: Dasgupta & Chatterjee Lamb, D; (2004); Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; Wellington: National Book Trust

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