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The Differences between the Empire State Building and Burj Al-Arab Hotel

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The differences between Empire State Building and Burj Al-Arab Hotel

There are two celebrated edifices in the universe, called Empire State Building and Burj Al-Arab Hotel. Empire State Building is located in New York, and it is one of the tallest constructions in New York, even in the universe. Another one of the universe tallest edifices is Burj Al-Arab Hotel, it is located in Dubai. In this essay, I will compare and contrast them in history, uses and being celebrated.

In the Empire State Building’s history, it is 1250 pess tall and was the tallest edifice in the universe when it was built in 1931. At that clip, it was non merely go a landmark of New York, but besides became a symbol of accomplishing the impossible. There was a skyscraper race in the universe in 20 century. Walter Chrysler, the laminitis of the Chrysler Corporation, was building a monumental edifice, the tallness of which he was maintaining secret until the edifice 's completion. John Jakob Raskob, antecedently a frailty president of General Motors, decided to fall in this race, and he wanted to crush Chrysler. Not cognizing precisely what height he had to crush, John started building on his ain edifice, the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building completed with an astonishing effort that the full edifice was constructed in merely one twelvemonth and 45 yearss and merely cost around 41 million dollars ( Jennifer Rosenberg ) .

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The Differences between the Empire State Building and Burj Al-Arab Hotel

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Similarly, there are besides many glorifications in the history of Burj Al-Arab Hotel. For illustration, it was the tallest sea-based hotel in the universe at a tallness of 321 metres when it was completed in 1999. As the ground of edifice Burj Al-Arab Hotel is wholly different with the Empire State Building, that the authorities of Dubai wanted a edifice that would go an iconic or symbolic statement with the name of the state, merely as what it has been. The design of Burj Al-Arab Hotel was inspired by the wind-filled canvass of an Arab trading dhow ship, and that is why it is built on an unreal island. Unlike the Empire State Building, the building of Burj Al-Arab Hotel cost a big sum of money and clip that it was built in 1994 and be around 650 million dollars to construct. And this money made it go the coal of the Leading Hotels of the World ( Rick Archer ) .

The Empire State Building is built as an office edifice, so the primary use is supplying office infinites for companies. But because it is located on the most comfortable parts of Manhattan Island, the rent of office infinites is expensive. Even though the rent is excessively dearly-won, the major companies of different countries, such as finance, touristry and insurance, lease an office in the Empire State Building, because of its celebrated and demoing the capacities of their companies. In add-on, the Empire State Building is known by the universe, so it becomes one of the most celebrated tourer attractive forces in New York. For absorbing more tourers, there are different sorts of exhibitions in the museum of the Empire State Building. Of class, many sorts of bars and nines are necessary, and tourers can see all attractive forces in New York in several proceedingss ( Empire State Building ) .

However, as a hotel, the uses of Burj Al-Arab Hotel are about different with the Empire State Building, it is built for touristry. But because Dubai wanted to do it go an iconic, the Burj Al-Arab Hotel was absolutely built with strong Islamic manner, excessive decor and high engineering ( Burj Al-Arab Hotel ) . Similar to the Empire State Building, this makes it go one of the most celebrated and the most expensive hotels in the universe, the every night rates start merely north of $ 1500. Both Empire State Building and Burj Al-Arab Hotel have a phase on the acme of them, although the phase of Burj Al-Arab Hotel is a rooftop helipad. So if you are affluent plenty to populate in it, the hotel besides offers chopper service from the airdrome to hotel ( Justin Delaney ) .

As we know, the Empire State Building is the world’s most celebrated office edifice, but I want to inquire, why does it go such celebrated? And I found out that it is celebrated by its tallness and films. And the major ground is from the clip it was built in the 1930 's to the edifice of the World Trade Center towers in the 1970 's it was the tallest edifice in the universe, even now it still ranks among the top 10 and is the tallest edifice in New York ( Why is the Empire State Building celebrated? ) . Furthermore, the film that made it celebrated isKing Kong, one of the most noteworthy films in American history. In this film, the originalKing Kongof 1933 used a theoretical account of the newly-completed Empire State Building for Kong to mount at the flood tide ( What film made the Empire State Building celebrated? ) . This image non merely made the Empire State Building noticed by the universe, but besides became the most authoritative scene ofKing Kong.

Similarly, Burj Al-Arab Hotel used to be world’s tallest hotel, but now it is still the world’s 2nd tallest hotel. on the other manus, it is non simply celebrated by its tallness, its expensiveness is besides celebrated in the universe. For illustration, the monetary value of a Royal suite is 20 1000 dollars, per dark. The monetary value can make the cost of a mid-sized saloon, doing it one of the universe 's most expensive suites, even a smallest room besides needs 1500 dollars. But the expensiveness is sensible, because the installations and helping of Burj Al-Arab Hotel are the best in the universe. For case, when the clients of Burj Al-Arab Hotel go out of the airdrome, they have two lavish picks: travel to hotel by Rolls Royce saloons or chopper. If you choose helicopter, you will hold a opportunity to watch the Dubai from sky in 15 proceedingss. Those are the grounds why they have a batch of clients, even the suites are expensive ( Burj Al-Arab Hotel ) .

Why did I want to compare the Empire State Building and Burj Al-Arab Hotel? Because these two edifice represent the people who live in different period and different states. The Empire State Building shows America had become one of the most affluent states in 1930, and American people liked to demo their power and wealth. For the Burj Al-Arab Hotel, it shows the Dubai had an outstanding economic system, and the Arabs more attention about their state

After comparing the Empire State Building and the Burj Al-Arab Hotel in three different ways, I found out: In history, they were built for different intents, the Empire State Building was built for a personal glorification, but the Burj Al-Arab Hotel was built because of the dream of doing a landmark for Dubai, but likewise, both of them used to be the tallest edifice in their types ; in uses, both constructions link to the local touristry, although the Empire State Building besides provides offices to companies ; in being celebrated, both of them are celebrated for their tallness, nevertheless, the Empire State is besides celebrated by a film,King Kong, and the Burj Al-Arab Hotel is besides celebrated for its expensiveness and helping. Overall, even though they are similar in some parts, they still represent different images of their states to the universe.

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