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Marketing is the technique that is used to attract, persuade and satisfy consumers in order to buy a product. Firstly an organization or Brand first determines what its potential customers would like, and from that, they make the product. This can be called Market Research, as they gather in all the possible desires of a potential customer, before making a decision on how to make the product from what they have gathered.

An Organization will then find a way for their product to be seen or known by people, by promoting it. Advertising is the technique that is used to persuade and attract customers to a product. It is a good way to reach people to catch their attentions on a specific product. This is a key factor for marketing to be successful, as the more people are interested in the product, the more people will buy them, which means more profit and success. Finally marketing has to control the cost of a product wisely as it is vital that the chosen price is related to the target audience. Promotion is important as it is the way that your target audience is going to know about your product. If promotion is not used then its going to be very hard for the popularity of your product to be increased which means the less chance for people buying it.

4ps Conclusion The 4ps are needed for marketing to be successful, as you need to take them all into account before starting, because it covers all the areas of Marketing. What is a Brand? A Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of all used to uniquely identify a product. It can be an organization that creates a product for example Nike is a brand that makes trainers which is a product.

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Another example is Umbro which is a brand that makes football kits which are products. It is the Brands that do marketing so that their products can be successfully bought by their target audience by satisfying them. These two brands have been successful because their marketing has been successful, as they have used the 4ps. Before Nike begins marketing, they think of how their products will look like, for example the colors, the design, the style, and packaging, aswell as the name. They base their choices on the target audience as if the target audience dislikes all the product's features, then they won't buy it. Nike also takes price into consideration, as they think about what would be the suitable price for their target audience.

Why would they make trainers 300 if their target audiences are unemployed people? It is important for a brand to take price into consideration. Nike or any other Brand would think about the possible locations where their products can be bought. This is important as it has to be a place that is popular and linked to what the product is. Nike trainers can be bought at popular places such as JJB and Sports world where most of their target audience go, which means that they will be easily accessible to the product. Finally a brand must think about how their products are going to attract the target audience. Brands do this by promotion.

Adverts, Magazines, TV, or newspapers are ways to promote a product. This is helpful to a brand's marketing as it will increase the popularity of their products. In conclusion, brands such as Nike are responsible for the selling of their products, as they attempt to make it successful, by marketing. They always take the 4ps into consideration as it is really helpful to help the selling of their products.

Types of Research Used in Marketing Before a brand may make a product it needs to find out who the target audience is. A brand uses two types of research to decide the target audience. After finding out the target audience, a brand will then answer the 4ps based on the target audience. The two types of research in Marketing are: Quantitative and Qualitative Quantitative - this kind of research involves the measurement of quantity or amount. Qualitative - qualitative research relies on reasons behind various aspects of behavior. Unlike quantitative research, it does not include numerical figures. These two kinds of research are needed to decide your target audience, and how you should base your product on it.

What is advertising? Advertising is part of promotion which is in the 4ps, as it is used as a way for people to be informed about a product. Its purpose is to increase the popularity of a product so that potential customers can buy them. Advertisements can be seen in many places such as on T.V, on the walls of an airport walkway, on the sides of buses, on the Internet, or even on the radio. Brands look for any place to put up advertisements just as long as they are put up where they could be seen by a potential customer.

However Advertisements can not just be made in anyway, they have to be made in a way to be catchy to the target audience and to get their attentions to a product. This helps the popularity grow even more. Brands thinks about what connotations of an advertisement may be in order to have some idea of how a potential customer may think of it. This helps a brand to make advertisements in a certain way as they will know how to make them appealing. Connotations are the surrounding emotional feelings associated with something. For example, if someone sees the colour red, what may come to mind of the person may be hot or danger. So advertisements have to use the correct features in order for people to have certain emotions to something in it.

Advert Analysis Here are two examples of adverts created by two different brands, to help attract potential customers to their products. This is an advert that advertises a new Hugo Boss Fragrance. It includes many Denotations with their Connotations. Denotations are features of the advert whereas connotations are what the denotations may show or mean and what may come to mind upon seeing. For example the woman is wearing a black men's shirt (denotation), which is to show that the whole theme of the advert is for women to have an independence from men (connotation). The woman has red fingernails (denotation), and with the look on her face shows that she is evil, with desire and passion (connotation).

The woman is leaning on a couch with her legs wide open (denotation) to show that she is ready for sex but she is kind of blocking the path with a torch, to show that no one can go towards their (connotation). The advert has the perfume bottle on her left (denotation) which shows that it is that perfume which is acting on her, which means that if the audience has quite a similar appearance to the woman in the advert, then you should get the perfume (connotation).So all of these denotations had been thought about by the brand in order for the target audience to have some particular connotations in their head, used to attract them to the product.

This is an advert that advertises a new J'adore Dior fragrance. The brand that made this advert also thought about which Denotations with their Connotations to be on this advert. Doing that helped them know how to make the advertisement in order for the specific audience to be attracted to it. The color theme of the whole advertisement is obviously gold, as this may be used to explain that the perfume is precious or is aswell as expensive.

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