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Apologies on Academic Changes

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Please receive much apologies for my late reply regarding academic changes. I have already been admitted at UCSD's Economics undergraduate and returned my chosen classes form. However, I recently made some changes on my class choices.

Contained in this letter is new lists of subjects and ways on how i will still cover formerly chosen classes, and a request on how i should proceed. I have already chosen new subjects for the Fall, Winter and Summer academic quarters. All the courses contained in my new selection are shown in the university's catalog.

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I will take several classes that i dropped from my list from the online program. In the upcoming fall quarter, I plan to take Econ 9, 25, and CIS 15A. I will take the rest of courses from either Foothill College or another community college.

I have been looking for course offering in these colleges and ha found that they are all available. This is all in the attempts to make sure i get my A.A Degree in 2009. Further, i will be taking Math 11 and 12 at UCSD, which serves the purpose of the required Calculus for Business and Economics. I will also be taking the Math 1C, which you had inquired, in this Summer 2008.

Having taken and performed well in other online classes is a good indication that i will perform well in the just mentioned courses. This is because i have gained the much important independent work ethic that is needed in such classes. I have already talked to my academic counselor on this situation reading my academic plans. The counselor has confirmed that independent and online courses are available for the above mentioned programs.

This gives me confidence to work towards averting the crisis. Will kindly provide my counselor's contacts so you can communicate when need arises. All this will be in the attempts of ensuring that my studies to make sure that my graduation of academic standing stand unaffected. I have made the point of scheduling the courses so as to have enough time allocation for each course. This will ensure maximum usage of time beyond the expectation of your office.

I have already met all the IGETC economic major requirements, meaning that I just need to work on other requirements in order to graduate on time. Having met these key requirements leaves me with enough time to use in the classes listed above.

In addition, I promise to work in the process of achieving the goal of meeting University requirements, performing well in my classes, as well as graduating on time. In the meantime, i am preparing myself for the academic challenge that lays ahead of me and i am sure of performing well and graduating on time. Despite my preparations on this matter, I am kindly asking for your guidance on the way i should move forward. I have no doubt that your office will understand my situation.

I will make a point of regularly visiting and communicating with your office in order to keep you updated on my progress. Will also have my counselor communicate with your office regarding my plans and updated tentative plan. I highly appreciate your time and the efforts you have made to ensure my academic progress remains on course.

With Thanks,

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