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Antonio Lopez

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Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was born on March 21, 1794 in Jalapa, Vera Cruz and died in 1876, in Mexico City. Santa Anna had started in the military in 1810 as a cadet at the age of 16, and was promoted to Brigadier General in 1822. In 1828 Santa Anna became the governor of Vera Cruz. He became governor again in Vera Cruz in the year 1829. Then in 1833 he was elected the president of Mexico. Santa Anna led the Mexican attack on the Alamo in Texas in the year 1835. Santa Anna eventually captured the Alamo. The Texans recorded 257 deaths and the Mexican Army had between 400-600 deaths.

Later on his carelessness in the end allowed Sam Houston to win the battle of San Jacinto. Santa Anna was able to gain back his authority when the French invaded Vera Cruz in 1838. He was considered a hero after he had many horses shot from underneath him and lost half of his left leg. In 1842 he arranged ceremony to find his foot and parade it in Mexico City and placed it as a monument for everyone to see. Santa Anna fought in the Mexican War and sold land to the United States called the Gadsden Purchase in 1853.

In 1854 a young officer named Bonito Juarez banned Santa Anna from Mexico for ten years and Santa Anna later returned before his death. He was driven out of Mexico for having too much power and control over the country. He later returned to Mexico in 1867. He once again tried to regain more power in 1867. Before he could he was taken prisoner and condemned to the firing squad. Instead he and his family were exiled out of Mexico. He then returned to Mexico in 1874 and then died two years later at the age of 82. Santa Anna was significant to the Spanish world because he believed and fought for his country.

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He was also important to the Spanish world because he was a dictator of Mexico for many years. He served in the military, was president eleven times of Mexico, and was the governor of Vera Cruz twice. Santa Anna was also important because he was forced to give land to the United States called the Gadsden Purchase. He led the Mexican army to attack the Alamo and was also the leader in that battle. He had defeated many armies and leaders when he was serving in the military. Santa Anna was in the military for most of his life.

All these things are important about Santa Anna and are important to the Spanish world. He was very important and no one will ever forget the famous Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and what he did. I think Santa Anna was a pretty brave man because he went through all of those battles for his country, had lost his leg, and was imprisoned in Sisal, Yucatan. I also think Santa Anna wanted way too much power because he kept trying to take over the military and the country. Also I think he deserved to be banned from the country for ten years because he was trying to get to much power.

I think Santa Anna had a pretty unique life because he was president of Mexico, he was governor of Vera Cruz, and was high ranked in the military. I think Santa Anna did some weird things because he had set up a ceremony to find his lost leg and had set it up on a monument for everyone to see it and admire it. I think it was nice that his wife wanted to be buried with him before she died because that shows that his wife really cared about him. I have learned many things about Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna as in what he did and how he lived. He was one of the most famous Spanish people and I enjoyed learning about him.

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