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Anti-Caking Agents Market Trends & Forecast

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The anti-caking agents are used in various industries such as food, feed, and fertilizers. The market of anti-caking agents is growing as the customers want the best-quality products. The versatility of anti-caking agents is one of the driving factors of the market. The anti-caking agents are used in the food industry including seasoning & condiments, bakery, dairy products, soups & sauces, and others such as meat products, and sweeteners. The commonly used anti-caking agents in food industry are silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, and sodium luminosities.

This research report categorizes the global market for anti-caking agents based on industry, applications, and geography. The report analyzes various industries where anti-caking agents are applied, the types used in food industry, the application of anti-caking agents in the various industries. The market has also been studied on the basis of the various geographical regions. The type segment studies the market size in terms of value and volume in each region.

The market is further segmented on the basis of the key countries in the region. Complete report available @ http://www. Aromatherapies. Com/anti-caking-agents- market-by-industry-food-ca-compound-an-compound-MGM-compound-Isis-cellulose- deed-fertilizer-by-application-seasoning-condiment-bakery-dairy-soup-sauce-NP- ere-market-report. HTML The size of the anti-caking agents market, in terms of value, is projected to reach $1. 5 billion growing at a CARR of 4. 2% from 2014 to 2019.

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In 2013, the market was dominated by Europe. The availability of raw materials and the new technology developments are resulting in the growth of anti-caking agents market in the Asia- Pacific region. Anti-caking agents can be used in various industries and thus, the demand for the anti-caking agents in all the regions is increasing.

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