Analysis of the Three Main Characters in Act III of Macbeth

Last Updated: 05 Nov 2022
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Shakespeare's time treasured classic play MacBeth has withstood the criticism of hundreds of years and has still remained popular and world-renown to this day. In this essay, I am going to characterize the three essential characters: Banquo, Lady MacBeth and MacBeth as portrayed through act II. Throughout this play all of life's challenges are appointed. Murder, betrayal, love and kingship are everyday occurrences in Shakespeare's portraying of the MacBethen Scottish rule.

Lady MacBeth, plays the role of MacBeth's wife and advisor. She knows exactly what she wants of her and her husband's life and will settle for no less. When she first got her eye on the queenship, she coerced her husband to commit murder so that she could get her way. Although MacBeth did, indeed want to become king, he did not want blood on his hands. When Duncan is asleep,/ What cannot you and I perform upon/ The unguarded Duncan? . It is because of her that MacBeth starts his murders and eventually these heinous acts does not phase him.

MacBeth, the luminary of the play, is obviously torn between fates. His greatest enemies, however, are the supernatural wicked sisters. Their prophecies give him false sense of grandeur and a fictitious judgment of invulnerability. He who once was unsure of killing, no realizes that because his soul is already lost, he has nothing to lose and will destroy all who oppose him. To be thus is nothing;/ But to be safely thus And champion me to the utterance!

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The other vital character is that of Banquo. Old friends with MacBeth, Banquo soon becomes a worry to MacBeth as he is in office. All friendships aside, MacBeth has Banquo killed in cold blood and does no show remorse. He hires mercenaries and contracts the death of Banquo and his son, the prophesized king, Fleance. To pray for this good man and for his issue, Whose heavy hand hath bow'd you to the grave And beggar'd yours for ever?

My personal comments are as follows. I believe that because MacBeth was a hero, a good man and an able leader, he was a definite choice for King. The murder of Duncan did not have to be committed. I place the blame on Lady MacBeth who forced her husband to kill the king and start him on a murderous power streak that ultimately ended with his death.

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