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Macbeth- Act 1 Journal for Lady Macbeth

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Act 1 Journal Jabie H. (Scene 5) Journal of Lady Macbeth: After reading the letter Macbeth sent her. “Blue Jays play dumb and dumber, with and without Yunel Escobar: Perkins”. Toronto Star Thu Sep 20, 2012. Website.

My dear Macbeth is now the thane of Cawdor and has been promised to be ‘the future king’ by the three witches, oh how wonderful this is! ‘Queen Lady Macbeth’ I can already feel the royal power. But wait I do worry if Macbeth really has what it takes to capture the crown, even if he has the ambition he does not have the guts to do things that are foul and get the crown. Macbeth is far too kind and naive to go out his ways, just like he was five years ago when he first confessed his love to me, I told him I needed more time, I knew he would come to good use of mine.

I never had the eye for Macbeth but I knew I could get power if I married him, since his father was the thane of Glamis, I knew he would inherit the position when his father passes away, but I am not good with patience, when there is a chance to get power I want it done as quickly as possible. When I heard the news that the thane of Glamis fell really ill, I agreed to marry Macbeth under one condition that he would poison his father and inherit the position as the thane of Glamis, and of course Macbeth was easy to convince, since he was madly in love with me.

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When it came to play the game of power, Macbeth plays dumb and dumber, it was time to give his father the poison, I was watching him that night as he was pouring the poisoned water in his father’s cup, that’s when I saw hesitation in his eyes and his eyes started to tear, I knew he couldn't do it and would tell his father the truth, so at that moment I had to decide quickly, and I decided to poison his father with or without him.

I entered the room before Macbeth had the chance to speak and assured his father that Macbeth couldn't handle to see him at such ill state, and so I guided Macbeth out of the room and poisoned his father myself. Of course Macbeth wouldn't forgive me so I convinced him that his father would have died anyway, and this just made the process quicker. Making him the thane of Glamis was one thing, but making him the King is now my priority, the power and richness that comes with the title is far too great to miss, I am ready to murder the King if I have to, Macbeth might not agree, but I can do it with and without him.

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