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An Report on People Work Because They Need Money to Live

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I have studied hard for a long time, and I have been trained in special techniques since graduating from high school. I decided to study in the university because I was fully enthusiastic about studying. In fact, I wanted to study to get a better job or to be the owner of a company. What are the reasons that I work? I work to show my abilities, to make me outgoing, and to make money.

First, the workplace is the only place where I can show my abilities. In other words, I have an opportunity to demonstrate what I have learned. Before I worked, I majored in metal engineering in my university. I wanted to work as an engineer and hoped to develop my abilities in my major. Although I was interested in the engineering, I worked as an accountant in a company for two years. When I started to work, I worried about how I could do my job well in a different field because I was not experienced in accounting. But I decided that I would demonstrate my abilities in the new field and worked hard day after day.

After this, I acclimated myself to my work and became confident. This is why I can emphasize that work is a good chance to test people s abilities to adapt to a new environment and to endure difficulties in life. Even though you do not have any knowledge about a job, you can make yourself better if you try to learn a lot. When I started to work as an accountant, I used to leave the workplace at 9 PM because I thought that I needed to know about accounting. Actually, the major reason I worked hard was that I wanted to be a special person in my company. Everybody wants to be a special person in society, and they hope to be recognized as unique and skillful in the activities that they are performing. Thus, I could develop my abilities and make my dreams come true while working.

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Next, working makes me outgoing. To survive in a company, every worker must think creatively and constantly communicate with clients and colleagues. Sociability is one of the most important parts in human life. For instance, you may want to work because you need to negotiate with others, cooperate together for a shared goal, and share individual ideas about those goals. In my case, I believe work is necessary for a social life. When I worked, I always shared my project with my company to make a better decision. Sometimes, I had problems with my project because I had a different opinion from others.

At that time, those problems needed lots of discussion to solve, and from time to time, I even pleaded with others to change their opinion. After I finished my job, I knew that I have improved my sociability while I worked. Therefore, it is important to point out the interaction between my colleagues and me. It is very fundamental in human life. In addition, sometimes, I had too much stress with my job, and could not think anymore.

So, I wanted to talk to a psychologist because I needed to relax. I thought that every worker might want to have a psychologist. Recently, almost every Korean company has hired a psychologist to help develop a better way to survive in this jungle of competitiveness. The reason they hired a psychologist is that the company realized that interaction and human relationships are important to promote the staff s performance in a company.

However, most people work to make money because we need money to live, support our family, and provide for our old age. Everyone wants to pursue their dreams, but earning money is an undeniable reason why people work. Sometimes, people harbor a secret wish to be a singer, artist, scientist, and so on. But in real life they work jobs they do not like because of money. In other words, they forget their own hope in order to survive. I have had a similar experience.

In fact, I quit my job over money. Even though I was satisfied in my work, I had complained about poor wages. In addition, it seemed not to get better for two years. After this, I finished my job, and then came to the United States to study. If I graduate from a university in America and then go back to my country, I will get higher pay in Korea.

Finally, why do I work? It is a very common topic, but at the same time it is very discussed one. The first reason is to improve myself, the second is to interact with others, and the last one is money. I would like to work because I just want to do it, not only to earn money but also to develop my skills and abilities.

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