An Overview of Graphic Designers, Methods of Expressing Concepts, and the Graphic Artist Guild

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Last Updated: 11 Mar 2023
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Graphic designers use several different medias to express concepts to clients. They work with clients in order to make sure the thought and the announcement work together. When creating an advertisement, or whatever the project consists of, the designers have to take in consideration several aspects of the piece. There is the audience of the piece, the images used, the words that may be incorporated and many other parts that go with the creation. The creation of these projects are usually done in a studio where the artist/designer has access to all of the tools needed; whether it be computer programs, color swatches, or sketches. Designers that work for a corporation usually work in a team and everyone contributes their ideas to get one design while the company brings in clients and projects. Independent designers are doing the work by themselves, competing with other and trying to promote themselves to more potential clients.

Graphic designers are useful tools for corporations and advertisers because the designers take promotional ideas and make them something that catches people’s attention. They take a magazine cover and turn it into a piece of art, a restaurant advertisement in the newspaper and create an eye catcher. In this sense they will always be useful. Those who work for newspaper companies and publishers have a sixteen percent drop of job demand by the year 2022. Those who work in computer system design and similar fields have a thirty-five percent increase of job demand by the year 2022. Designers have to make sure that they are know what they are doing and have all the proper skills that a company is looking for because there will be hundreds of competitors for the positions of graphic designer.

There has always been a passion for art in life. Now there can be a use of that passion, it can be turned around and used to make money. Art skills can be used to create advertisements for individuals and companies, and it will be fun because they will be made with artistic skills that have been developed over the years. A job in graphic design will be useful because a job can be found just about anywhere in the world and there will always be someone to hire in that field, even if the specific job is a little different for different companies. It also gives a chance for improving skills with different types of medias.

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A bachelor’s degree in graphic design is needed usually associated with certifications in several types of computer art programs. Software programs usually have certifications for those who use it often and show that they know how to use that program and give that person a guarantee to potential employers. Having a few years of experience will give individuals an advantage because it shows potential employers that they have the experience. Most companies will also look for personal work ethic skills; multiple projects but work being done simultaneously on each, the individuals’ artistic ability and the ability to convey the client’s message.

The Graphic Artist Guild is one of two websites listed for graphic designers. The Guild is an organization that helps promote and improve the lives for graphic designers of all genres. They have member spotlights, webinars (computer chat seminars), they help artists choose the best insurance for their job career, they also have legal help available, and members have access to discounts on everything a designer could find use for. The Guild is a way for designers to show off their talents to the world and to make colleagues in the same field so one can reach out and ask for advice if they find themselves at a loss for creative insight.

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